ENTOUCH Energy Management

Refrigeration Monitoring Gets Warm Reception at National Restaurant Association Show

It was springtime temperatures in beautiful Chicago when we arrived at the National Restaurant Association show to present our industry leading energy management solution earlier this month. But even with the nice weather, many of the people we spoke with had freezing temperatures on their minds.

Many of the restaurateurs that stopped by the EnTouch Controls booth wanted to hear more about the EnTouch Controls refrigeration monitoring solution and how we can directly impact a restaurateur’s bottom line by significantly saving on their energy usage.


Refrigeration is one of the biggest consumers of energy for many of restaurant owners we spoke to during the industry’s annual event. Restaurateurs were excited to hear that our easy to use, web-based solution is able to effectively track refrigerator temperature, frequency of door openings and a restaurant’s overall energy consumption – in real time – using a tablet, PC or smartphone.


Want to know more about refrigeration monitoring and the value EnTouch provides to restaurateurs? See what other “cool” features and functionality EnTouch offers restaurant owners at the EnTouch One web page.EnTouch Refrigeration Monitoring