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Restaurant Facilities Management Case Study: CEC Entertainment, Inc.’s SVP of Strategic Initiatives Reduces OpEx Costs With ENTOUCH

CEC Entertainment, Inc. (CEC) doubles down on restaurant facilities management to reach $3M OpEx savings goals.

CEC is among the most notable restaurant success stories at ENTOUCH. In the five year partnership, the  family entertainment giant has seen a remarkable shift away from waste to better cost savings through ENTOUCH.360. Dedicated account management, powerful analytics, easy-to-read dashboards and a real-life account manager visiting sites up to five times per month have reshaped restaurant facilities management for this American pastime.


The Backstory of CEC Restaurant Facilities Management: The Challenge

Before deploying any smart building solution, CEC spent more than $25 million annually on utility costs across more than 580 locations. CEC facilities managers were left in the dark beyond looking at the monthly bills, and energy cost-savings seemed impossible to reach. With renewed emphasis on saving money and eliminating overhead, CEC’s SVP of Strategic Initiatives was tasked with cutting costs by up to $3 million annually.

The Launch

CEC began its partnership with ENTOUCH in 2013, quickly deploying the system to more than 100 locations within one year. By 2016, 320 locations had ENTOUCH.360 support and technology. The system monitored peak customer hours, energy usage during both vacancy and occupied hours, refrigerator doors left open and maintenance demands for equipment.

Online quarterly business reviews (QBRs) and in-person account manager visits helped to shape this fast-paced adoption. CEC executives and managers could make real-time, data-based decisions to improve cost savings, resulting in strides to company profit margins. Meanwhile, the ENTOUCH Enterprise Dashboard let executives see comparisons of stores, sub-load energy consumption rates and costs and much more.

This amounted to an 11-percent reduction in restaurant facilities management energy consumption rates. In fact, the impact included several other key benefits:

  • CEC used 9,942 less MWh of electricity annually.
  • The company achieved positive returns in 15 months
  • $1 million in savings were achieved annually.
  • Approximately 48,750 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions were saved.

Thus, the company saved money and gained a massive reputation boost as an eco-conscious and aware company.


Today and Future

The success of CEC shows no signs of slowing or stopping. Today, all rooftop HVAC systems utilize Internet of Things-enabled (IoT-enabled) sensors to monitor operating hours and possible issues, extending equipment life. CEC relies on the expertise behind dedicated account management through ENTOUCH.360 to maximize energy efficiency and put the implausible goal of $3 million annually within reach.

In fact, CEC has recently renewed its contract with ENTOUCH, showcasing the company’s drive to maintain even better energy-efficiency standards and profit margins through eliminating overhead costs wherever possible. Will you become part of the ENTOUCH family of success stories too? Learn more about the ENTOUCH and CEC partnership by {{cta(‘d1a2afbc-6031-469d-9ee8-23ac4f31b65f’)}}. In addition, {{cta(‘fc00abb8-b5c5-489f-805a-347ff0eed124’)}} to start your own journey toward becoming our next success story.