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Restaurant Operations Made Easy with Energy Management

Use energy management systems and services to optimize your restaurant operations.

As a restaurant operator, you have an overwhelming amount of considerations for ensuring happy customers your business is running smoothly and your customers are happy. Cross one more task off your list by automating and monitoring your operations with energy management.

With maintenance costs at restaurants totaling 34% of facility budgets, facilities management teams are in a constant race to stay ahead of the next system to break. Having advanced notice of the status of major systems, such as cooking equipment, refrigeration, HVAC and lighting systems, can make life easier and help reduce maintenance costs by catching problems early – when the repair costs are relatively low.

By implementing an energy management system (EMS), restaurant owners and facilities teams gain access to data that allows them to detect performance issues earlier, resulting in less downtime for system repair and, at times, a less costly repair than if the problem had gone unnoticed indefinitely.


EnTouch Energy Management  Services


An EMS is able to do this because it tracks energy costs and equipment performance and can identify problems when a system requires more energy to provide the same level of performance. In the case of Chuck E. Cheese, EnTouch Controls EMS significantly reduced energy and maintenance expense by an average of $10,000 per restaurant. For Smashburger, EnTouch EMS was able to consistently reduce HVAC runtime by 30%, which helped the company to reduce overall energy expense and maintenance for their HVAC systems.solution-2

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