ENTOUCH for Restaurants

Boost Bottom-Line Profits and Mitigate Risk with Our Smart Building Solutions

ENTOUCH makes facilities management in the restaurant industry easier by providing smart building solutions and intelligent facility technology in the form of software and managed services.

Our integrated, cloud-based software, combined with 24/7 advisory services, render a 360° view of your facility ecosystem, fueling real-time decisions that reduce risk, cut energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, extend asset life and create a more satisfying guest experience.

Best yet, our proven track record serving restaurants means we understand your facility needs going in, ensuring the shortest distance between you and bottom line results.

Case Study: The El Pollo Loco Story

Facility Management

ENTOUCH offers facilities and construction managers the ability to reduce maintenance issues and energy consumption for increased business efficiency and reduced operating costs.

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Finance and Procurement Professionals

Leveraging ENTOUCH gives procurement a smart building solution with rapid deployment for immediate speed to results. Our flexible architecture easily integrates with existing technology so you can implement site-by-site as old equipment is replaced.

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Executive Leadership

C-Level executives gain a 360° view of the facilities enterprise for increased business efficiencies and resource optimization. leading to a better bottom line.

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Energy & Sustainability Managers

With our smart building solution, energy managers are empowered to enhance sustainability efforts and increase profits for their multisite property portfolio.

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Enhance Facility Performance, Reduce Energy Waste and Ensure Food Safety

Our smart facility technology for restaurants delivers a low-profile, high-value solution to reduce facilities overhead, while improving the lifetime performance of your asset portfolio. Our unique, wireless platform leverages Internet of Things (IoT) technology for quick deployment to dramatically reduce start-up time and cost.

Our advanced facility technology, asset and energy intelligence platform delivers:

  • Rapid Solution Deployments
  • Proactive Facility Management
  • Optimal Control of Refrigeration, Lighting, HVAC & Electrical Loads
  • Lower Maintenance Spend
  • Decreased Energy Costs
  • Utility Spend Aligned to Usage
  • Early Detection of System Issues
  • Asset Portfolio Optimization
  • Extended Value of Existing Investments

To learn more, download the ENTOUCH For Restaurants solution brief.

CEC Entertainment Saves $1M Annually with ENTOUCH

“ENTOUCH is saving us millions of dollars a year that would have otherwise been sunk into utility or HVAC costs. Their analytics help us make better decisions.”

Mahesh Sadarangani, SVP of Strategic Initiatives

With our smart building solutions you have access to real-time tracking and reporting, with automated messaging and alerts on your HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and other building equipment, for reduced food spoilage, lower risk, improved energy efficiency and proactive maintenance of your entire asset and equipment portfolio