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2019 Retail Energy Management Trends

It is crucial to have an understanding of retail energy management trends for effective retail facilities management. The top trends to expect for 2019 range from the continuing impact of omnichannel to the development of pop-up stores. Facility Managers should begin the process of aligning their brands with these trends to stay competitive and attract more customers, as well as keep costs under control.

Retailers Will Need to Consider the Impact of Omnichannel on Facilities Management

According to Christopher Walton of Forbes, consumers are growing to expect a greater omnichannel experience, using their personal smart devices and making brick-and-mortar purchases. The development and growth of omnichannel shopping experiences will necessitate a new level of energy management in the retail environment. More Wi-Fi routers, charging stations and Bluetooth-enabled point of sales (POS) will be necessary to facilitate a successful omnichannel environment. As a result, the systems will require monitoring to ensure proper function and maintenance. In a sense, omnichannel will expand the scope of effective energy management in the retail setting.

Retail Energy Management Trends Will Include Sustainability Measures and Entertainment Investments

As explained by Jia Wertz of Forbes, another one of the top retail energy management trends will involve the evolution of retail as the industry works to embrace sustainability and create entertainment centers for consumers. Consumers are shopping with their emotions, not just their wallets. Retailers are working to adopt this transformation by creating immersive experiences, including glass case designs, which referred to interactive products and demonstrations on store shelves. Meanwhile, retail is taking on the characteristics of an art gallery, presenting products in a way to make them more attractive and suitable for consumers.

Retail Will Merge With Non-Traditional Retail Facilities

Retail is also in the midst of a transformation in what constitutes retail. According to the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association, more retailers are merging with non-traditional retail facilities, including health care clinics and restaurants. This creates a new immersive experience for consumers, but it opens the door to an entirely new level in quantity of risks in retail energy management. Instead of focusing on consumer purchases, space utilization, lighting, and HVAC systems, retailers must now also focus on energy management associated with restaurants and health care clinics. However, that is not the limitation of the new risks inherent in the evolution of retail.

Pop-Up Stores Will Represent a New Challenge in Effective Energy Management

As consumers have moved to embrace new ways of shopping, some retailers have embraced pop-up stores. Pop-up stores can be in any location, requiring the use of off-site resources. Also, some retailers in this environment may not be able to access traditional energy resources. In such cases, these retail pop-up locations may need to carefully monitor energy use to ensure available energy supply through batteries for constant-charging systems, such as solar-powered panels. These new risks will represent an increased level of facilities management in retail energy management trends.

Checkout-Free Retail Will Become a Reality

Another trend affecting retail energy management will involve the use of checkout-free retail establishments. Checkout-free retail grew in popularity as Amazon created a cashier-less store, and demand suggests more retailers will follow suit in the coming months. Creating an immersive, cashier-less will inherently require the use of more IoT-enabled sensors to track and ensure all systems function as expected.

Adjust Your Facilities Management Strategy to Incorporate Retail Energy Management Trends

Retail facility management strategies are evolving in tandem with the rise of new retail energy management trends and demands on the industry. Facility Managers need to understand these trends and incorporate them to stay competitive. Find out what your organization needs to do to align your strategic goals with the retail energy management trends of 2019 by visiting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 today.