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How the Role of Smart Building Solutions Improves Customer Experience in 2019?

The customer experience is everything to modern business. Retailers are working to improve customer experiences to turn retail environments into entertainment centers, and smart building technology spending is expected to exceed 17.4 billion by the end of 2019. Facility Managers need to understand the role of smart building solutions in improving customer experience. Implementing smart building solutions can improve customer experiences in these critical ways.

The Role of Smart Building Solutions Effects Consumers by Creating Positive Workplaces

One of the most exciting ways smart building solutions will impact consumers goes back to thinking about the impact it has on the workplace. Smart building solutions create a work environment in which people use technology to streamline their duties. Artificial intelligence helps workers find products, and automated, cashier fewer registers let employees get back to work stocking shelves, not stressing over whether pricing is accurate when pressing “total.” More importantly, people are more likely to be happy when they are comfortable, so ensuring the comfort of your workforce effectively increases their mood, which translates into better customer-employee interactions. Effectively, implementing smart building solutions creates a loyal population of both consumers and workers, reports EY.com.

Smart Building Solutions Give Customers Answers Before They Ask

The use of smart building technology is a conversation that goes beyond the omnichannel shopping journey, involving customers using their smart devices and technology to learn more about products and find products in the store. Smart building solutions can effectively address consumer needs before they arise. For example, automated lighting and demo of innovative products, controlled by an overarching smart system, can help consumers decide whether to make a purchase or not. In the restaurant industry, smart building solutions help consumers avoid touching the dirty knobs and handle in bathrooms, improving sanitation and safety.

The Role of Smart Building Solutions Improves Productivity while Creating a Welcoming Environment

While technology caters to the needs of consumers, smart building solutions can also be deployed to ensure proper ventilation within a facility. Moreover, adequate ventilation can reduce the spread of allergens within a facility, making consumers’ experiences more enjoyable, especially at the height of spring. Similarly, smart building solutions may free financial resources for reinvestment in the facility. In other words, companies are more likely to have the funds necessary to renovate, creating a welcoming environment and improving customer experiences along the way. Increasing the quality of the air inside your facility could increase the productivity per employee per year by $6500, reports Buildings.com.

Enhance Customer Experience by Understanding the Role of Smart Building Solutions

The customer experience is critical to the success in the future of your business. As e-commerce grows, brick-and-mortar facilities will face additional challenges in attracting and retaining customers, so ensuring a positive customer experience is critical to staying competitive in the age of Amazon. Facility Managers should begin the process of enhancing customer experiences by implementing an understanding the role of smart building solutions. Learn more about how retrofitting your facility could improve customer experiences by contacting ENTOUCH at 1-800-820-3511 or completing the online contact form now.