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How to Scale Energy Management Data Through the Convergence of IoT Architecture

Energy management data will define the success or failure of a CRE energy management program. Unfortunately, barriers will make the process much more difficult. To scale energy management data, Facility Managers must understand the common issues that make scaling data difficult, why convergence of the IoT and energy management systems are crucial and a few best practices to streamline the process.

Common Issues Experienced in Trying to Scale Energy Management Data

As explained by Anachal Singh via FM Link, the most significant issues experienced in scaling energy management data include:

  • Monitoring and Security. The best scalability will require the use of cloud-based technology so data monitoring and cybersecurity will be top priorities and factors that may hinder decisions to scale energy management.
  • Any investment will be difficult to justify, especially for departments that face budget cuts. However, the key to overcoming this issue lies in using the value-gained from investments as a critical point for making such investments.
  • Ease-of-access. Another factor affecting scalability is the ease-of-access and use of systems. Since facility management professionals, the “boots on the ground,” will be using the systems on a daily basis, the ease-of-use of the systems will make a considerable impact on scalability and the value of insights derived from energy management data.

Convergence of IoT Architecture Is Essential to Using Data to Its Fullest Potential

The convergence of IoT architecture is reducing the barriers and inconsistencies that arise when systems are not in sync. Integrated systems ensure interoperability and effectively track and manage energy use across multiple platforms and programs. This convergence is essential to enhancing the value of CRE providers and identifying patterns in commercial spaces that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

How to Continue Scaling Energy Management Data Beyond Initial Integration

CRE providers can leverage and scale energy management data with these steps:

  1. Simplify system-wide control. The easiest way to reduce inconsistencies in energy management data is to simplify and reduce system-wide controls. This means limited user access for changing system settings, but it is essential that the systems retain a degree of independence for emergencies and unusual circumstances.
  2. Ensure systems are interoperable. Interoperable systems will allow CRE providers to connect the energy management system with existing software suites to manage more aspects of facilities from a central platform. This is also known as the single pane of glass approach, and it can reduce the costs with managing multi-site portfolios and the various needs of tenants as well.
  3. Use scalable sensors, like IoT-based technology. Scalable technologies are those that are easily connected to the system and can be purchased a la carte after initial implementation. IoT-based sensors that use wireless technology are a type of scalable technology, allowing energy management data scalability.
  4. Consider the impact of other factors on algorithms and AI-based systems. A final consideration in ensuring energy management scalability involves the algorithms that power analytics and AI-based systems. External and internal factors may affect algorithm results, so all use cases of analytics should be kept updated and relevant to the needs of the facility. In other words, system updates should be completed as soon as possible, and all settings should be checked frequently for potential issues.

Put the Power of Energy Management Data to Work in Your Facility Now

Energy management data lacks value when not appropriately used or able to scale with your business’ growth. CRE providers should follow the steps as mentioned earlier to scale energy management data and systems and work toward sustainable practices. Take advantage of energy management data by partnering with ENTOUCH. Visit ENTOUCH online to get started.