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Senior Living Energy Management Cut Costs With Energy Efficiency

Senior living energy management systems reduce energy costs in resident and staff areas alike.

The use of a senior living energy management system has benefits comparable to restaurant energy management systems, retail facilities management and more. The obvious benefits include fewer energy costs and better allocation of funds within the facility, but additional benefits cut costs through energy efficiency by benefiting the experiences of seniors themselves. To improve senior living facilities management, you need to understand where these cost-saving opportunities lie.

Smart Building Solutions Prevent Excess Costs From Dementia-Related Forgetfulness Among Residents

Seniors are at an increased risk for developing dementia and dementia-related illnesses. Unfortunately, the loss of memory accompanying dementia tends to drive energy costs up.

For example, residents may forget to turn off lights or turn down in-room air conditioning units.

This problem is compounded as nursing staff cannot realistically check each room for lights being left on or other equipment running unnecessarily. Among larger senior living facilities, hundreds of resident rooms may be draining energy resources and placing an undue burden on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Senior living energy management systems can automatically detect instances where equipment has been left on unnecessarily and shut it off.

Better Control Over Heating and Cooling Systems Promotes Healing and Reduced Energy Costs

Overall better control over heating and cooling systems throughout the entire building also promotes healing and lower energy costs. Since in-room systems may have independent thermostats, a senior living energy management system should be able to align in-room controls with primary facility controls.

For instance, setting minimum temperatures for a given section of the facility can prevent residents from changing the temperature unnecessarily or erratically.


Eliminating discomfort by managing air temperature and keeping the whole facility at a comfortable setting will also promote healing and rest. Since seniors may be in a facility following a major medical event, the value of healing should not be forgotten simply do to long-term admissions.

Energy Efficient Systems Help Employees Get More Accomplished, Faster

Energy efficient systems also have a direct impact on the ability of employees to get more accomplished in a shorter time span. Most notably, employees providing care, requiring the use of energy resources, like bathing or showering residents, need to have plenty of water and light available to complete the activity quickly and efficiently. In addition, some residents may have strict preferences for bathing, so having plenty of hot water available is essential to providing the best care possible, which directly plays into saving money for the facility.


Energy Management Systems in Food Preparation Areas Reduce Costs Too

Kitchen staff in senior living facilities may be responsible for preparing hundreds of meals, multiple times per day. Furthermore, kitchen staff must prepare two types of meals, a primary choice and an alternate, for residents who dislike the primary meal item. An additional emphasis must be placed on avoiding allergens among some residents as well. Unfortunately, heat flows within a kitchen and aging equipment can undermine the ability of staff to provide superior meals on time. So, an effective energy and facility management program within senior living facilities’ kitchens mirrors the benefits of restaurant facilities management and can help reduce costs by maximizing efficiency during food preparation.

Lean Health Care Management Reduces Layoffs and Improves Quality for Residents

As explained by Becker’s Hospital CFO Report, effective healthcare energy management practices are critical in modern healthcare. Unfortunately, the cost of healthcare is rising at an alarming rate, and facilities managers must find ways to bring costs down. Implementing an effective senior living energy management system is the ideal solution to bringing costs down through fewer layoffs and improving quality of care.

Put the Power of Senior Living Energy Management to Work in Your Facility

Senior living energy management has the potential to bring residents and senior living facility owners together in a way not previously possible. By bringing down energy costs and boosting energy efficiency, senior living facility managers will improve the experiences of residents and employees, while reducing overall costs to their companies.

There are opportunities to save money, build value and improve resident satisfaction and experiences through senior living energy management systems, explains Facility Executive. Find out which system is best for your facility, and speak with an experienced, senior living energy management professional at ENTOUCH by calling 1(800) 820-3511 today.