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Sensor Automation: Reducing Total Cost of Ownership Through Enterprise-wide Facilities Asset Performance

Building or buying a facility only scratches the surface of total cost ownership, but sensor automation can help.

Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) is an essential business goal for all Facilities Managers and C-Suite executives. While sensor automation can help Facilities Managers realize real-world savings on a granular level, implementing sensor automation across a distributed portfolio can have an even more profound impact on your bottomline.

  1. TCO Depends on Total Upfront and Ongoing R&M Costs

Before getting into the discussion about reducing TCO through enterprise-wide facilities asset performance, Facilities Managers must understand that includes both the upfront investment costs of a facility and its continuing repair and maintenance costs. This includes energy costs to run a facility, the costs of equipment, the cost of staff and much more. Specifically, the initial upfront cost of purchasing or building a facility may reflect as little as 20% of the total TCO a business faces, explains FM Link.

  1. Sensor Automation Does Have Higher Initial Costs

Sensor automation transforms traditional TCO views into a positive image, but it does have higher initial costs than the standard “take a look and see” way of managing facilities. Depending on the number of assets and size of your facility, retrofitting your facility may have increased upfront costs, but these are not perpetual costs.

  1. Sensors Align Assets With Best-Performance Standards

Sensors have the potential to optimize facility assets, which reduces both TCO and current operating costs simultaneously. Over time, sensors can squeeze even greater savings from individual assets, and as a result, overall TCO decreases. This frees up capital for reinvestment in the company, including developing new, better facilities management processes, practices and making guest experiences more enjoyable

  1. Better Maintenance Programs Reduce TCO

Sensor automation uses data gathered from across hundreds, if not thousands, of resources to generate a best-image view of civilities assets. This information can be used, in conjunction with an existing manufacturer and OEM guidelines, to create, maintain and optimize the maintenance schedule. Imagine facilities management savings possible when downtime from malfunctioning equipment is virtually eliminated by addressing potential problems before they arise.

This is comparable to completing an oil change on your vehicle. If the oil is changed as prescribed, every 3000 miles, it is less likely to suffer a major breakdown. However, if the oil goes unchanged for an extended period, gears begin to wear and tear, and a major system failure is likely. Now, imagine how facilities management would look if the car could pinpoint a potential failure well before the expected oil in question. That is how sensor automation leads to better maintenance programs and reduced TCO.

Implement Sensor Automation to Reduce TCO Today

Sensor automation has the potential to drastically reduce TCO across your entire portfolio in both short-term and long-term projections. The overall costs for sensors are declining. To take advantage of the benefits of sensor automation, schedule your initial facility evaluation and retrofit with ENTOUCH online, or give us a call at 1-800-820-3511 at your earliest convenience.