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18 Steps to Creating a Single Pane of Glass in Facilities Management

Today’s facility management platforms are vast and capable of handling every detail of building management. However, not all systems can communicate with one another, and even fewer help Facilities Managers with pin-point guidance on how to avoid unnecessary costs. Meanwhile, systems that do bridge the divide can be useful, but in today’s world, that could amount to dozens of systems in each facility, multiplied across the number of sites in your portfolio. However, a single pane of glass in facilities management can be the unicorn your operation needs to succeed and manage every activity from a single resource.

What’s Wrong With Traditional Facilities Management Systems?

Alternatively, worse, traditional facilities management systems claim to offer energy-efficiency improvements, but they do not provide a means of tracking actual energy use. Given that lighting alone amounts for more than 35% of the typical building’s energy costs, says Buildings.com, do you know if your energy-efficient lighting changes are having an impact?

Unfortunately, failures to account for the costs of implementation and the insights from the system will result in budget shortfalls. Even if an advanced energy management system is in use, it lacks value unless compared to other data across the company, such as the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Labor management, grounds upkeep and parking lot treatments all fall under the broad umbrella of facilities management, and failure to consider repair and maintenance costs as they relate to distributed assets will result in poor capital planning and added costs.

For example, after implementing a new system, facilities managers should expect to spend more on short-term maintenance which results from increased visibility into soon-to-fail assets that need maintenance now to prevent even more significant costs in the future.

A Single Pane of Glass in Facilities Management Provides an End-to-End Facilities Management Resource

As explained by Laura Cook via the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), the single pane of glass in facilities management has almost become a myth. It refers to the consolidation of facilities management systems to function as a single resource, eliminating the need to access countless systems and cross-reference data to make informed decisions. However, a new breed of facilities management platforms is rising, capable of connecting every activity and action in the facility using wireless sensors and advanced, cloud-based analytics. In addition, off-site management reduces the stresses of visiting each location daily and trying to keep costs under control. Ultimately, the facility manager can finally become a manager, not a facility maintenance firefighter, through the single pane of glass in facilities management.

How to Deploy a Single Pane of Glass in Your Facilities Organization

According to Office Space Software, research is the most critical factor in consolidating into a single pane of glass in facilities management.

  1. Take a software inventory.
  2. Create a cross-functional change management team.
  3. Think of alternatives to reduce energy consumption.
  4. Create and deploy a clear, precise communications plan.
  5. Set realistic goals, based on data, not guesstimates.
  6. Retrocommission facilities with connected sensors.
  7. Perform a two-minute inspection of facility assets for visible needs.
  8. Benchmark performance against other portfolio sites, if available, and other companies.
  9. Tackle items on the maintenance backlog, prioritizing needs based on cost.
  10. Track health of facility assets over the initial reporting period.
  11. Implement a preventive maintenance plan.
  12. Establish a budget forecast.
  13. Secure funding for the increased short-term budget, using data to showcase performance over time.
  14. Vet vendors properly.
  15. Schedule technician visits and maintenance based on data.
  16. Continue to track data for signs of energy-consuming weaknesses and cost-avoidance opportunities.
  17. Leverage mobile technology to break the chains that bind you to the desk or office.
  18. Lead by example.

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