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Will 2019 Be the Year of Mass Smart Building Adoption?

The idea of mass smart building adoption is one of the ultimate goals of facilities management. Smart building adoption offers significant benefits to the facilities management department, cost control mindset executives, shareholders, and consumers. Still, to date, smart building adoption rates are relatively low, but 2019 could see smart building adoption rates surpass all expectations. Facility Managers need to understand the driving forces of increased smart building adoption.

Smart Building Solutions-as-a-Service Will Enter the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Space and Increase Adoption Rates

As explained by Green Tech Media, the “as-a-service” model for business is starting to make a significant impact in CRE spaces. Smart building solutions as-a-service effectively give any corporation or entity the ability to implement and leverage the latest smart building technologies without all the upfront investment costs associated with creating an in-house program

More Companies Will Turn to Smart Building Adoption to Increase Innovation and Collaboration in the Workplace

Smart building adoption also gives Facility Managers an opportunity to increase innovation and collaboration within the workplace. Since smart building solutions are associated with more comfortable environments and fewer stressors in the workplace, resulting from the state of the facility, collaboration, and innovation, as well as productivity, improves among the workforce. This can be a significant driving force for the investment of smart building solutions in spaces aside from multi-site retail. However, such improvements in retail and restaurants will lead to better customer interactions, building brand value.

Space Utilization and Space Analytics Will Bring Alignment to Office Spaces

In office spaces, smart building solutions and analytics can help Facility Managers and supervisors understand how employees use space. How someone uses the area will make a difference in the amount of energy used. Unnecessary use of lighting and HVAC systems could result in higher energy costs, not to mention premature maintenance on facility assets. Gaining an understanding of the utilization space may also allow for the redesign of office desks, furniture and gathering centers, promoting a more cohesive work environment and reducing overall energy use.

IoT-based Technologies Will Become an Integral Part in Manufacturing and Health Care Industries

According to Daniel Newman of Forbes magazine, the application of IoT-based technologies in manufacturing and health care industries will translate into newfound applications in facilities management. While these technologies allow supply chains to function faster and gain end-to-end visibility, it may also be used to refine maintenance schedules, understand energy use, extend asset health and more. Ultimately, improvements and maintenance and visibility into all facilities and assets will result in fewer disruptions and cost savings, as well as cost avoidance.

Companies Will Take an interest in Net-Zero Buildings

Speaking of cost avoidance, more companies will take an interest in net-zero buildings. Net zero buildings are essentially those that do not use any energy. Obviously, this is impossible with some of today’s facilities. However, the savings gained from energy-efficiency improvement could effectively result in a net-zero cost for energy use for a given time.

Renewed Debate Regarding Climate Change Will Result in Increased Smart Building Adoption

As explained by In-Building Tech, a final consideration in smart building adoption will focus on combating the effects of extreme weather and climate change. Over the past few years, the prevalence of natural disasters, wildfires, drought, and hurricanes, have pushed more organizations to leverage smart building platforms to reduce damage to assets and understand what needs to be addressed following an emergent situation.

Get Onboard With Smart Building Adoption in Your Distributed Facilities

Smart building adoption will increase in 2019, and according to In-Building Tech, 60 percent of U.S. organizations will invest in smart building platforms and solutions in the coming year. Facilities Managers need to get started by considering their needs and wants for implementing smart building solutions. Moreover, smart building adoption and the commitment required can seem daunting, but you can streamline the process by choosing an proven and established provider of smart building solutions, such as ENTOUCH. Visit ENTOUCH online or call 1-800-820-3511 to get started now.