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Smart Building Solutions for Facilities to Lower Capital Spend, Achieve Net Zero

Using the Internet of Things and Smart Building solutions for facilities management is essential to achieving net-zero energy use.

Reducing capital spend in your organization is a crucial concern for stakeholders and facilities managers alike. Since Smart Building solutions for facilities management can effectively lower capital spend, and achieve net-zero energy use, asserts Greg Zimmerman of FacilitiesNet, facilities managers need to understand a few things about traditional building management, the usefulness of asset visibility, and best practices in using such solutions.

Traditional Building Management Leads to Higher Costs Through Reactive and Deferred Maintenance

Traditional building and asset management strategies aren’t strategies at all. Deferred maintenance leads to dramatically higher maintenance costs, equal to the squared amount of the original repair. Reactive maintenance, even when performed immediately, also makes budgeting accurately almost impossible. Furthermore, stakeholders are unable to understand why maintenance costs continue climbing, and Facilities Managers are left with tighter budgets, unreliable assets, and diminished brand value.

Smart Building solutions for Facilities Management Increases Asset Visibility

Smart Building solutions for facilities management can help transform traditional management practices, including reactive and deferred maintenance. A proactive facilities management strategy is built on visibility and insight into asset condition and the likelihood of malfunction. In other words, proactive maintenance is built on Smart Building solutions for facilities management. Increased asset visibility, including function and accurate inventory, can help Facilities Managers make informed decisions regarding repair or replacement and increase budgeting accuracy, as well as move costs versus expenses toward net zero goals.

Best Practices in Using Smart Building Solutions to Achieve Net-Zero Energy Use

The best path to using Smart Building solutions is not always clear, so Facilities Managers should focus on these steps to achieving net-zero energy use:

  • Conduct an energy audit
  • Retrofit facility assets with smart devices and IoT-enabled sensors
  • Analyze trends in energy use and monitor asset performance
  • Create a flowchart detailing when assets should be repaired or replaced
  • Address the maintenance backlog
  • Optimize system settings after receiving Big Data analytics insights
  • Automate system controls to avoid errors resulting from manual controls
  • Reduce labor costs by streamlining and prioritizing maintenance

Lower Capital Spend in Your Facility by Upgrading Systems Now

Facilities managers can lower capital spend, and increase energy efficiency through Smart Building solutions for facilities management. For novice and experienced facilities managers, outsourcing this process to a third-party can help keep costs under control and encourage stakeholder support of new systems and process standardization. Visit ENTOUCH online to learn more about how the Internet of things and Smart Building solutions for facilities management can help your organization lower capital spend through net-zero energy use.