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Don’t Go It Alone: The Value of a Smart Building Solutions Provider

Demand for efficient energy and smart building management continues to grow. According to MarketWatch, the smart building solutions market will grow at 29.69% CAGR, achieving a value of $33.7 billion by 2023. Partially responsible for the remarkable growth, demand for a smart building solutions provider partnership helps companies derive more value from such systems. All industries benefit from the implementation of smart building solutions, and as exemplified by BGIS, a provider of facilities services to companies operating in the corporate real estate (CRE) space. Partnerships are crucial to success. Facility Managers need to understand the challenges in using solutions with a true partnership, how a smart building solutions provider adds value, and a few tips for selecting the right partners.

Challenges in Deploying Smart Building Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) and ongoing development of software-as-a-service (SaaS) smart building solutions have triggered a change in how Facilities Managers operate. The building applications of the IoT are vast, and their sheer volume means implementation may involve installing connected sensors on each asset, looking beyond the assets that use energy, isolating problems in current processes and even tracking utilization of space. It is a grave risk, and communication failures are prominent. For a company attempting to implement smart solutions independently, overlooked problems may contribute to poor data quality, lost opportunities, and even higher costs. However, a solution does exist in the form of a partnership with a smart building solutions provider. Meanwhile, managers still suffer from the ongoing need to manage reactive maintenance needs and handle the extensive maintenance backlog.

Smart Building Solutions Provider Partnerships Add Value to Your Organization

A partnership with a smart building solutions provider opens the door to new software and implementation/ management models that can help achieve more significant savings. As noted by AS Magazine, new construction remains a critical area where partnerships arise. However, existing buildings need love too, and retro-commissioning facility assets, such as tracking asset-specific data, retrofitting assets with IoT-enabled, wireless sensors and applying analytics from across the spectrum, offer opportunities for improvement. Through ongoing integration between systems, Facility Managers can realize higher value.

For example, a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can provide insight into the current progress of handling both existing items on the maintenance backlog. A CMMS empowers Facility Managers with maintenance data, but imagine the possibilities of integrating that data with predictive insights through an energy management system. The opportunities for improvement multiplies exponentially. Other applications include the use of customer relationship management (CRM) tools to understand how customers feel about enhancements, providing a continuous loop of information from customers through retailers and business owners. As the process continues, benefits grow.

How to Choose a Successful Smart Building Solutions Provider

Selecting the right smart building solutions provider can seem overwhelming. However, following these simple steps will ensure your success:

  1. Identify your needs, such as poor work order management or lack of energy use data; applied data begins with tracking data.
  2. Review vendors of suitable solutions, ranging from energy management through dock scheduling; all activities play into smart building solutions.
  3. Determine the costs of implementation versus the benefits of cost avoidance strategies; remember benefits include indirect impacts, such as improved guest comfort.
  4. Choose vendors with an established history of excellence, such as BGIS, or companies that offer white-label solutions, including ENTOUCH.
  5. Use meaningful, actionable data to improve all operations; let partners do the “heavy lifting” for your company with advanced analytics.
  6. Continue onward.

Establish Your Smart Building Solutions Partnership Now

All companies understand the value of strong business-to-business partnerships. The partnership enables improvement benefits for both entities, and in the case of facilities management, such improvements contribute to sustainability, better customer experiences, and economic growth. What are you waiting for? Find out more about the available partnerships and software solutions that could help your enterprise thrive. Visit ENTOUCH online today to get started.