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Smart Building Tech: Developing the Next Generation of Facility Managers to Your Enterprise

As few as 43% of millennials have heard of facilities management, but many do not know what it is. Facility Managers must evolve to attract future talent.

Facilities management as a whole faces an unimaginable crisis. The shortage of facilities management talent is starting to come to a head. Facilities Managers are being asked to do more with less by executives, and the number of individuals capable of overseeing facilities management is dwindling at an alarming rate. By some estimates, the shortage could begin to result in the catastrophic failure of facilities within the next seven years, explains JLL.com. However, Facility Managers who take the time to put their departments and careers in the spotlight through the adoption of smart building technology and modern management practices now can help mitigate this future crisis. Facility Managers should begin the process by following these steps.

Smart Building Technology Can Be Used to Increase Public Awareness of Facilities Management

A substantial portion of the crisis revolves around the lack of information about facilities management in public. Modern smart building solutions and technology, including the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, analytics, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms can be used to position facilities management in a new light and attract interest from the public. This is nothing more than increasing public awareness of facilities management, and it has the added benefit of serving the purpose of showcasing to the public the sustainability initiatives and activities an organization has undertaken to decrease costs, reduce waste and make better use of resources.

Connect With Local and Regional Educational Institutions to Market Facilities Management

Facility Managers can also connect with local educational institutions to get young people interested in the field of facilities management. This could include taking IoT-based technologies and sensors to high schools, middle schools, and colleges to promote the field. Facilities Managers can work directly with apprenticeship providers and vocational schools to prevent the crisis from devastating the industry.

Emphasize Learning and Career Opportunities in Facilities Management

The new generation wants ample learning opportunities for career development and advancement. Since facilities management is in a state of flux, powered by new technologies, reports Office Space Software, it is the perfect opportunity to showcase the changing state of facilities management as a key reason for entering the field. Moreover, Facilities Managers can rise to oversee large multi-site portfolios and effectively manage those distributed facilities from the comfort of mobile devices and smartphone.

Use Technology to Simplify Work Processes and Improve Talent Retention

Mobile technology also has the potential to simplify work processes, breaking the proverbial chains from the desks, which will help entice more millennials and the next generation of talent to work in facilities management. Also, mobile technology can be used to provide the necessary training and in encourage talent retention. Since the next generation is heavily steeped in new technology, using new technology for career advancement purposes is an integral step in attracting the next generation.


Provide Ample Training for New Hires

Training is a major issue with the millennials and the next generation. They do not want to just learn something in a classroom; they want paid training. Facilities Managers need to abandon the age-old practices of on-the-job training with limited resources and little oversight and focus more on providing training, answering questions, and becoming more of a mentor to the next generation, not just an employer or supervisor.

Use Mobile Technology, and Take Advantage of BYOD Programs

Since millennials already embrace and utilize technology, Facilities Managers can also take advantage of millennials existing devices by repurposing existing work equipment and implementing bring your device (BYOB) programs. Millennials get the benefit of using their devices while working and Facilities Managers can decrease the costs associated with using mobile technology and connected systems in modern facilities management.

Act Now to Preserve the Future of Your Department by Attracting the Right Talent

Existing facilities management professionals are aging out of the workforce, and Facilities Managers are being forced to do more with less. This trend is not isolated to facilities management, and it extends into all other industries, which is why it is known as the skills gap. As the next generation looks for positions and employment in areas that suit their needs, including a heavily Tech-based career, Facilities Managers need to act to ensure the future of their departments by attracting the next generation of talent. Your organization can kickstart this process by retrofitting your facility with ENTOUCH’s smart building solutions. Contact ENTOUCH to find out more today.