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Smart Building Tech to Tackle the Holiday Shopping Season

From analytics to interactive environments, smart building tech will make the holiday shopping season more enjoyable for facilities managers and consumers alike.

The holiday shopping season is already underway, and retailers have already seen an uptick the number of containers. Although Amazon is expecting to be a dominating force this year, Brock and mortar retailers can still position themselves to take advantage of the projected record-breaking sales the smart building technologies.

Better Facilities Management Translates Into Better Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Across the scope of retailers, the increased holiday buzz will require a better way of interacting with consumers, and consumers will expect the best service possible. Since facilities management can improve the customer experience and customer relationship management (CRM), smart building tech can amplify the process. Consumers can be greeted with automatic sales notifications, automatic light controls and stay cool through customized activation of HVAC systems to create the perfect atmosphere.

Integrated Systems Aids a Stressed Workforce

A major problem during peak shopping seasons is strains on the workforce, but new technologies, like artificial intelligence, can help. According to Chain Store Age, retailers should test and deploy new technologies to make sure their websites are designed for the customer, not ease on the workforce. However, artificial intelligence and machine-to-machine learning can generate data to identify the top issues adversely affecting or improving the customer experience. As a result, members of your workforce are less likely to become overwhelmed, and profitability increases.

Big Data Lets Your See the Opportunities

The benefits of big data in retail are clear, but leveraging big data in facilities management and smart building technology can help your organization drive costs down. Paired with the ever-mounting surge of savings consumers expect from a holiday savings shopping experience, retailers may be facing infinitesimally small profit margins.


Retailers implementing big data strategies can transform cost-center notions of facilities management into a profit center, translating into lower point-of-sale prices. Furthermore, according to David Markowitz of Service Channel, facilities managers can rely on software to track and monitor all existing maintenance requests, contractor response times and deferment of service requests to ensure the facility is in tip-top shape for the holiday shopping experience. If a problem does exist, big data can be used to identify other ways to avoid it in the future and correct the issue in existence today.

It Builds Brand Value Simultaneously

Speaking of the customer experience, it is essential to consider how smart building tech can build brand value during the holiday shopping season. Even major retailers, such as Neiman Marcus, have implemented intelligent building solutions to take advantage of the benefits of significant data capture and analytics to put information and products in front of the consumer before the consumer even knows what they want. Also, smart building solutions are scalable, so retailers can invest today and still reap the benefits and profitability well into the future, explains Corinne Ruff of Retail Dive.


Use Effective Facilities Management Strategies to Reduce A headache During This Shopping Season

The 2017 holiday shopping season will surpass all records and bring a renewed growth to retail. However, the surge of consumers can be detrimental to businesses that have not prepared properly. Those that take the time to implement smart building technologies will position themselves as thought-leaders in the coming year and capture the loyalty and attention of consumers. In fact, this goes back to overcoming the Amazon Effect, so put the power of smart building tech to work for you by contacting ENTOUCH online today.