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ENTOUCH For Executive Leaders

Smart Building Technology Makes Good Business Sense

With recent advancements in Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based, service delivery systems, smart building technology is no longer a dot on the horizon. The time is now to reap major returns – and separate from the completion – with ENTOUCH.

Our smart building solutions, backed by a 24/7 command center and advisory services, give you a 360° view of your facility ecosystem, so that you can proactively:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase margins
  • Extend asset life
  • Create a more satisfying customer experience
  • Make wise, timely decisions that effectively reduce expense

Customer Satisfaction Fosters Brand Loyalty

With ENTOUCH, you gain a distinct advantage in pleasing customers, from a facility point of view. Your customers, tenants and guests can enjoy a consistent experience across your facilities portfolio, positively contributing to your brand and keeping your customer reviews steadily in high regard.

One Version of Truth Supports Operational Consistency

ENTOUCH unifies your facilities portfolio, including legacy systems, onto a single platform for tracking HVAC, refrigeration, lighting and energy costs. Our dashboard provides you with a real-time view of every unit, property, region and division in your enterprise, flagging impending service calls before they get expensive, identifying system “outliers” for proactive management, and helping you enforce operating policies with permissions and overrides that put you in total control.




Energy Costs

Gain insight and control to consistently manage:

Energy and Maintenance Costs

Equipment Life

Facility Safety and Compliance

Customer Comfort

Facility Management

ENTOUCH offers facilities and construction managers the ability to reduce maintenance issues and energy consumption for increased business efficiency and reduced operating costs.

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Finance and Procurement Professionals

Leveraging ENTOUCH gives procurement a smart building solution with rapid deployment for immediate speed to results. Our flexible architecture easily integrates with existing technology so you can implement site-by-site as old equipment is replaced.

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Executive Leadership

C-Level executives gain a 360° view of the facilities enterprise for increased business efficiencies and resource optimization. leading to a better bottom line.

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Energy & Sustainability Managers

With our smart building solution, energy managers are empowered to enhance sustainability efforts and increase profits for their multisite property portfolio.

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ENTOUCH Returns $2-4 for Every $1 Invested

When you add it all up, our low cost of entry, labor savings, energy efficiency, lower maintenance cost and extended asset life returns an average of $2 to $4 for every $1 our customers investment with us. It pays to “go smart” with ENTOUCH.

Annual Energy Savings

Incorporating advisory services, advanced controls and wireless technologies, our cloud-based facility, asset and energy intelligence platform consistently delivers in excess of 20% energy savings annually.

Added 25$ per square feet in retail sales

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, an energy savings of just 10% annually equals a 1.55% increase in net profit margins and an added $25 per square foot in equivalent retail sales. No matter what business you’re in, that’s a significant return on investment.