Gain 360° Visibility Across the Entire Facilities Enterprise

Your technicians, facilities managers, construction managers and procurement professionals have the freedom to focus on the customer, leveraging ENTOUCH IoT-powered wireless devices, cloud-based software and advisory services to monitor your facilities enterprise 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. This also reduces emergency truck rolls, extends asset life and reduces energy costs for increased profits.
With ENTOUCH you have access to real-time tracking and reporting, with automated messaging and alerts on your HVAC, lighting and refrigeration equipment for reduced energy consumption and maintenance issues.
Energy and maintenance are two of the top operating costs for multi-site retailers, restaurants, and commercial property operators. Tracking energy efficiency and maintenance can be daunting for facilities professionals who do not have access to the tools or resources needed to monitor HVAC, refrigeration and lighting equipment across multiple locations. Our smart building technology effectively identifies data trends and inconsistencies for optimal energy efficiency, and includes best-in-class software and advisory services to track and manage energy and maintenance costs, so you can focus on the customer.

For a 500-location chain, over a 10-year span, ENTOUCH saves:
  • $50M in energy costs
  • $5M in maintenance costs
  • $100M in capital investment for HVAC
Without having a full view of your facilities' energy and maintenance costs, you’re missing out on profitability. These costs are typically overlooked or viewed as the ‘low hanging fruit’, but their impact on your margins is significant. Gain a competitive advantage with ENTOUCH smart building solutions.

Smart Building Solutions. Smart Building Everything.

Imagine all your facilities, systems and equipment connected, feeding information to you via easy-to-read dashboards, providing a 360° picture of your complete asset portfolio’s performance, condition and running cost – in real-time – with the responsive controls to optimize outcomes and sustain profitability.

Entouch offers facilities, energy, construction and procurement professionals 360° visibility into their facilities enterprise across each site location.


Facility Management

ENTOUCH offers facilities and construction managers the ability to reduce maintenance issues and energy consumption for increased business efficiency and reduced operating costs.

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Finance and Procurement Professionals

Leveraging ENTOUCH gives procurement a smart building solution with rapid deployment for immediate speed to results. Our flexible architecture easily integrates with existing technology so you can implement site-by-site as old equipment is replaced.

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Executive Leadership

C-Level executives gain a 360° view of the facilities enterprise for increased business efficiencies and resource optimization. leading to a better bottom line.

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Energy & Sustainability Managers

With our smart building solution, energy managers are empowered to enhance sustainability efforts and increase profits for their multisite property portfolio.

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Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS)

Our comprehensive building Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS) comes with 24/7 customer support and expert advisory services, with integration to legacy systems and existing technology infrastructure.

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