ENTOUCH Smart Building Solutions

Smart Building Tools Allow for More Proactive Facilities Management for MEP/FP Management

What are the most expensive and critical  assets in your business? Probably, they are mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection (MEP/FP) assets, claims Jamie Cappuccio of AkitaBox. A failure in MEP/FP systems will impact guest experiences, and repairs – even minor – in these systems can cause serious disruptions to your businesses operations. However, smart building tools can enhance facilities management in several ways.

Proactive Facilities Management Eliminates Politics From the Decision Making Process

Predictive and prescriptive analytics are essential in creating a preventative maintenance program, addressing MEP/FP management as well. For newer buildings, predictive and prescriptive analytics are also performed; systems are ready for smart connectivity, contributing to a building’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) designation. As explained by FacilitiesNet, the use of LEED designations, denoting businesses awareness of energy and environmental impacts of their buildings, has grown significantly and accounts for more than 69,000 LEED buildings across 150 countries and territories. Since LEED designation is becoming the new standard, predictive and preventative maintenance have the potential help businesses achieve more LEED designations with in the U.S.

How Can Smart Building Tools Improve MEP/FP Management?

Deployed centers, analytics and facilities management can improve MEP/FP management by removing politics from decision-making processes. Instead of trying to explain why someone’s plans for facilities management is better, predictive analytics defines the variables affected by a given decision, denotes the cost savings on facilities spending, and defines the best approach to keep costs down.

Using predictive analytics helps facility managers in making decisions based on data, which are more likely to be supported by stakeholders. The creation of business rules based on facts is a prerequisite to proactive MED/FP management.

Automated Work Orders to Reduce Disruptions

Applying analytics to routine maintenance and to the management of work orders reduces the potential disruptions caused from malfunctioning MEP/FP systems. For example, scheduling preventative and routine maintenance during vacancy hours virtually eliminates the risk to guests, and ensures repairs are completed without disrupting productivity or other operations.


Smart Thermostats and Self-Optimizing Systems to Reduce HVAC Runtime

Smart thermostats, which connect to the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence (AI) can be connected to self-optimize facilities management controls and settings. Depending on the needs and use patterns in each facility, facilities managers will be able to override these controls or to allow an outside managing entity – such as ENTOUCH.360™ – to proactively manage the process remotely. This reduces the total cost of ownership of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems by reducing runtime and ensuring their maximum operational efficiency.

Automated Fire Alarms and Response Systems

Alarm systems, including fire alarms and security alerts, can be connected to the Internet of Things via a single pane of glass to create intuitive and smart building systems, managed from a central location. Such systems automatically alert facilities managers, occupants, and other personnel when an issue arises, and the use of predictive maintenance schedules and advanced analytics can prevent fire or safety risks from becoming full-fledged emergencies.

Use of These Smart Building Tools for Facilities Management to Reduce Facilities Spend and Improve Asset Management.

Deploying analytics and smart technology is integral to making facilities management easier and in reducing facilities spending. The use of smart tools for facilities management improves asset management and ensures that everyone knows exactly what to do when problems arise. Using these data, businesses will be able to make the decisions on a factual basis, not on assumptions and best guesses. Find out how your organization can take advantage of a smart building solution now, by visiting ENTOUCH online today.