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2019 Smart Building Trends

As explained by In-Building Tech, investments in energy efficient and smart building technology will increase throughout 2019. The focus on building controls and system management will help to reduce the impact of the facilities management talent shortage and help more organizations gain end-to-end visibility into their distributed portfolios. Facilities Managers need to know a few things about what to expect from smart building trends in the coming year.

Smart Building Trends Will Arise From More Sensors and Demand for Efficiency

It is also important to note the leading smart building trends derive from one primary trend—the increased availability and affordability of sensors and IoT-enabled devices. Of course, those two factors are only part of the equation. The rest lies in cloud-based energy management systems that can leverage data to reap greater energy efficiency, reduce the total cost of ownership of your facility and enhance customer experiences.

Fire and Life Safety Concerns Will Contribute to the Greatest Smart Building Investments

In a recent survey of businesses in the U.S., 66 percent of respondents cited fire and life safety systems as possible investments for smart building solutions in 2019. In other words, more companies are turning to smart building solutions to enhance the safety and wellness of workers and employees, and such technologies have the added benefit of reducing risk to the building.

More Than Half of Organizations Plan on Going “Off-Grid” Within the Next Decade

One of the most exciting trends of 2019 will be the continued desire among businesses to go “off-grid.” This means companies will look for ways to become self-sufficient, leveraging renewable energy resources and reducing waste to zero. This will take some time, but it would effectively liberate energy expenses from the budget, enabling continuous reinvestment in the building and consumer experiences. In the interim, smart building solutions will rise to become the Gold Standard for facilities management.

Severe Weather and Changing Climate Will Stimulate Interest in Smart Building Solutions Too

As explained by Urvashi Verma of In-Building Tech, the past year’s severe weather and disasters have triggered a resurgence of interest in smart building solutions as a recovery and prevention resource. With the prevalence of such accidents increasing, building designers, engineers, and owners are actively looking for ways to make buildings disaster-ready, and one of these steps will include the ability to get ready for impact automatically. For instance, shutters may close with the push of a button across the country, and electrical systems will shut down to reduce the risk of fire during floods.

More Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Tenants Will Expect High-Tech Spaces

Rounding out our discussion takes us back to the CRE conversation. According to Green Tech Media, CRE tenants are also effecting change and demand for smart building solutions. As consumers grow to expect basic, tech-based amenities, like free charging stations, wireless internet, and other features, CRE tenants will expect more technology in their rented spaces. CRE spaces used for office space will see an increased demand for high-tech amenities, including artificial intelligence, intuitive lighting controls, ability to access printer controls by voice and remotely, and predictive analytics to eliminate disruption to the work environment. Fifty-seven percent of CRE office space tenants expect to be working in smart offices within the next five years.

Green Buildings Will Fetch Premium Rates for Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Providers

Implementing smart building solutions might seem like an unnecessary benefit to an organization. However, it is essential for today’s eco-conscious consumer. Consider this; up to 44 percent of organizations in the U.S. are willing to pay premium rates for CRE space. This is a huge opportunity for struggling CRE providers, and it could serve as a means to restore the vitality of struggling shopping centers and commercial spaces. Furthermore, green buildings will continue to become a defining characteristic for companies to attract talent and retail employees, as well as consumers.

Know the Smart Building Trends Driving Cost Avoidance and Savings

The top smart building trends of 2019 will empower more organizations to avoid the costs of reactive maintenance and enable Facilities Managers with data. Those that understand these smart building trends can position their organizations as thought leaders, building brand value and encouraging sustainability in society. Take the time to follow the top smart building trends of 2019, and put the power of cost avoidance and energy efficiency improvements to work in your facility. Start now by visiting ENTOUCH online or by calling 1-800-820-3511.