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What Is the State of Smart Building Solutions?

Understanding the state of smart building solutions can be a daunting task. Smart building solutions have evolved to include sensors and devices connected to the Internet of Things, big data analytics, preventative, predictive maintenance, and much more. However, Facilities Managers that invest the time to understand the state of smart building solutions will be better equipped to influence internal adoption and support for investment in smart building solutions in the coming year. Consider how these trends will drive greater adoption of smart building platforms and energy management programs throughout 2019.

There will be Extreme Demand for Green Buildings

There was a time when using a green building was considered state-of-the-art, and few companies fully embraced green buildings. However, most building owners have taken notice that consumers expect green buildings, and among commercial real estate (CRE) providers, demand for green buildings has risen to extreme levels. More than 60 percent of organizations will look to invest in smart building solutions in 2019, reports In-Building Tech. Unfortunately, CRE providers that do not make such investments will likely face a higher vacancy rate among their facilities.

The State of Smart Building Solutions Will Benefit from Increased Security at Endpoints

The state of smart building solutions will also benefit from increased security at endpoints in the connected platforms. According to Daniel Newman of Forbes, the demand for such cybersecurity will derive from the increased use and deployment of IoT devices. On the surface, IoT devices increase the risk for a cyber-attack, but the systems IoT devices connect to can enhance the cybersecurity of such devices. Hardware manufacturers, including Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Cisco, are already working on IoT-enabled devices that will offer more security both in the cyber world and the physical world.

Smart Cities Will Begin to Emerge as the City-of-the-Future in 2019

Any conversation about the state of smart building solutions is incomplete without touching on smart cities. Smart cities will begin to emerge as the city of the future in 2019 as more people look for places to “connect” with their environments and companies. This might include charging stations for electric vehicles, Wi-Fi hotspots and more. Eventually, smart cities will merely become standard cities.

At the same time, most new construction will include smart building solutions and capabilities from their inception. Instead of retrofitting facility assets and buildings with connected technology, people will be able to take advantage of newly constructed facilities with the latest technology. However, only 15 percent of buildings will fall into this category by 2030, so it is imperative Facility Managers begin to understand the process of retrofits and continuous commissioning now.

Integration Between Systems Will Replace Traditional, Isolated Building Management Systems

As explained by ConnectedSupplier.com, the increased level of connection between systems in smart building solutions will require a new level of integration between such systems. Instead of isolated building management systems, devices and consumers will connect with the building, and an overarching system will be capable of analyzing and leveraging such information.

Unlock the Value of the State of Smart Building Solutions

The state of smart building solutions is excellent, and more organizations are turning to smart building capabilities to achieve sustainability, connect with consumers, offer better products and service, and more. Facility Managers need to take note of smart building solutions to increase customer experiences and avoid unnecessary expenses. Find out if your organization is ready to embrace the state of smart building solutions by contacting ENTOUCH at 1-800-820-3511 or completing the online contact form now.