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What Is Data-Driven, Strategic Energy Management & How Does It The Boost Bottomline While Improving Customer Experience (& Much More)

The creation and implementation of the data-driven, strategic energy management program is one of the most significant ways Facility Managers can improve profitability and reduce inefficiencies. With more Facilities Managers under greater pressure to do more with less, the use of the data-driven, strategic program is the natural solution. However, understanding how data-driven processes translate into customer experiences can be complicated, and Facility Managers need to understand the impact of poor visibility and a few best practices to improve visibility and maximize returns.

Poor Visibility Leads to Lost Opportunities

The problem with today’s facilities management derives from the lack of visibility and data about operations. Inability to understand and “see” the factors affecting energy costs and maintenance spend contributes to lost opportunities and often negatively impacts customer experience. In other words, gaining better visibility into assets is a crucial step to understanding where opportunities and problems exist.

A lack of benchmarking is one of the most common characterizations of companies lacking strategic energy management. It goes back to the inability to improve what you do not measure and understand. The problem expands as the company’s portfolio increases too. Furthermore, according to the Department of Energy, benchmarking is the first step toward true sustainability and developing a winning strategy for your business. Benchmarking provides a means of comparing actual cost savings against projected cost savings and determining what improvements are necessary to achieve the desired outcome. In the case of facilities management, desired results include reversing the common trend of reactive maintenance and replacing it with a robust, proactive maintenance plan which results in decreased energy consumption and better customer experiences.

Data-Driven Energy Management Empowers Facilities Managers

The right energy management strategy can help industries avoid unnecessary costs and proactively manage total cost of ownership. Using a data-driven process for energy management also eliminates the uncertainty in making decisions, streamlining operations. The combined use of data-driven energy management empowers Facility Managers, giving them access to the information and resources necessary to make informed and proactive decisions and ensure all decisions achieve the anticipated return on investment. In other words, prioritization of changes in process or even asset improvements is essential to making the most of available resources.

Benefits of Strategic Energy Management on Customer Experiences

Strategic energy management offers significant benefits to customer experiences. Simultaneously, consumers are more likely to shop with companies that maintain a sustainable carbon footprint, reports the Harvard Business Review. Since a growing number of companies will face taxes and penalties for carbon emissions, implementing a strategy to lower energy consumption can lead to additional cost avoidance possibilities. These savings translate to into lower cost of goods and services for consumers.

Put the Benefits of Data-Driven Facilities Management to Work Now

Driven facilities management is the gold standard for modern Facilities Managers. Those that take the time to put processes and smart building technologies in place for greater visibility and understanding, as well as collection and analysis of actionable data, can position their organizations for success. Find out what your organization needs to do to get started with the data-driven, strategic facilities management strategy now by visiting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511.