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Using IoT to Boost Summer Predictive Maintenance

The Internet of Things (IoT)is an inexhaustible resource in managing summer predictive maintenance.

Summer has a way of putting facilities systems to the most extreme of tests, explains by Brianna Crandall of FM Link. Facilities Managers must ensure that have appropriate access to facility assets, maintain HVAC systems, Duluth increased agitation by consumers due to heat, and much more. Fortunately, the  Internet of things (IoT) can help Facilities Managers increase performance and life expectancy of facility assets as part of a summer predictive maintenance program.

Summer Maintenance Costs Are Among the Highest Expenses in Facilities Management

Facilities spending tends to increase in summer months due to increased HVAC system function, as well as higher rates by utility companies, particularly electricity. According to Jonathan Cooper of Facility Executive, the impact of summer heat can amount to the need to replace HVAC system components and entire units. Summer of 2016 was one of the hottest on record in the lower 48 states, and as a result, Facilities Managers must approach summer heat with predictive maintenance.

A Summer Predictive Maintenance Program Using the IIoT Keeps Costs in Check

Implementing an effective summer predictive maintenance program should include the use of a summer-focused toolkit. In other words, the program must focus on assets subject to extreme use during summer months, especially the HVAC and electrical systems. Depending on facility type, the outdoor temperature can undermine safety initiatives. For instance, a warehouse may develop hot-zones, increasing worker risk. As a result, Facilities Managers need to track working conditions for both indoor and outdoor workers to maintain safety. Fortunately, the IoT streamlines this process.

How to Develop and Implement a Comprehensive Summer Predictive Maintenance Program

A comprehensive summer predictive maintenance program is built on the ability to perform regular maintenance on facility assets and use data to identify when assets may fail before they do. Therefore, Facilities Managers need to develop and implement such programs by following these key steps:

  • Ensure access to all facility assets, including difficult-to-access components, such as HVAC systems.
  • Use sensors to track summer heat and potential impact on assets, which is a critical concern in the midst of summer heat
  • Leverage Big Data analytics to understand optimum settings during extreme temperature heat, reducing peak energy demand and decreasing overhead expenses.
  • Automate system controls, reducing unnecessary demand due to changed settings.
  • Develop an aggressive inspection and maintenance schedule for HVAC units.
  • Avoid running systems around the clock.
  • Consider outdoor areas, like the turf, sidewalks, exterior windows, and siding.
  • Ensure all team members can use the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

Put the Power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the Test With a Predictive Maintenance Program Now

Summer is an enjoyable time, and businesses need to make sure guest experiences are a top priority. Since the summer heat places such a significant burden on Facilities Managers, they should put the power of the industrial Internet of things to use in all activities. It will enhance performance, help Facilities Managers do more with less, and keep costs in check. Find out how your organization can implement a smart building solutions platform, visit ENTOUCH online today.