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Sustainability in Energy Management: Good for the Planet, Your Bottom Line & Brand

All customer interactions with employees, stores and websites affect your brand image, notes Business Feed, and the importance of sustainability in energy management for businesses is expanding. Consumers actively look for companies with sustainable practices in place, and those that do not evolve will face the threat of lost consumers and sales. Facilities Managers need to understand the ways sustainability and energy management benefits the planet, the profitability of the business and the overall brand value.

The Risks of Poor Sustainability in Energy Management 

The risks of poor sustainability in energy management are significant. Failure to maintain sustainable practices leads to higher operating costs, translating into higher costs for products and services rendered. In addition, failure to tap into the advantages of sustainable energy management will lead to an increase in the total cost of ownership of facility assets and the degradation of customer experiences. Depending on the asset in question, failure to maintain assets through sustainable initiatives, such as a preventive, predictive maintenance program, could also lead to an increased risk of catastrophic failure and additional damages.

For example, malfunctions within the HVAC system increases the risk of fire and spreads pathogens throughout your facilities. Meanwhile, poor maintenance practices may lead to water leaks or damage from condensation, which could cost upward of $20,000 to repair.

Benefits of Sustainability in Energy Management

Instead of falling victim to failing to implement sound sustainability and energy management practices, Facility Managers can take advantage of the benefits of sustainability and improve customer experiences simultaneously. According to Paul Nastu via Environmental Leader, the benefits of sustainability in your business can reap significant and far-reaching benefits, including:

  • Sustainability in energy management builds brand value. Customers visit your company for experiences. In today’s world, consumers looking to purchase products can literally visit any e-commerce website, and your ability to engage in creating positive experiences for consumers is crucial to success. Using sustainable practices in energy management, Facility Managers can ensure the facility does not tarnish the customer experience, which builds brand value.
  • Sustainable practices impact consumer behaviors, generating demand. In fact, 90 percent of consumers are willing to switch brands to those implementing and using sustainable practices, and 71 percent are willing to pay more for environmentally responsible products.
  • Sustainability in energy management reduces risk to your business.
  • SUSTAINABILITY IN ENERGY MANAGEMENT SAVES MONEY. Cost avoidance savings are the biggest benefit of sustainability and energy management. Since Facility Managers understand the energy use of their assets, they can work to proactively manage energy use and avoid unnecessary expenses associated with equipment downtime, maintenance and more.

How to Achieve Sustainability in Your Organization With Connected Systems

Understanding the value of sustainability and energy management and putting it into action are two different things, and the Facility Manager should follow these steps to achieve sustainability finally:

  1. Learn from others.
  2. Gain support from consumers and investors.
  3. Avoid sacrifice messaging.
  4. Implement a “Green Marketing” strategy.
  5. Emphasize the profitability of sustainability.
  6. Retrofit facility assets with smart technologies.
  7. Combine energy and asset management into a single pane of glass.

Align Your Goals With Sustainability in Energy Management Now

Facility Managers that successfully make the transition from a traditional, reactive maintenance strategy to a proactive, sustainable approach to energy management can lead their businesses forward and save money. It all begins with gathering the right information and choosing an accredited, experienced partner for energy management. Find out what you need to get started by contacting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 today.