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How Sustainability in Energy Management Adds Value Thru Data

Sustainability in energy management is everything in modern facilities management. Facilities Managers must consider the implications of sustainable energy practices, which serve to both reduce spend and improve customer experience. Understanding these relationships helps teams overcome the obstacles to sustainability and better planning in facilities management.

What’s Holding Facilities Managers Back From Sustainability in Energy Management?

Unrealistic payback expectations for all sustainability initiatives and the increased debt often associated with energy-efficiency programs contribute to skepticism about the true value of sustainability in commercial buildings and sustainability in energy management, reports McKinsey & Company. Even areas that do not necessarily affect actual energy, such as custodial services, still use natural resources, like water, and Facilities Managers may succumb to the myths of green cleaning practices.

For example, sustainable cleaning products, which require less water and do less environmental harm, are often believed to be more expensive. In reality, these products cost amounts similar to the original product. Even those with a higher expense have a long-term savings potential, asserts Linda Chipperfield via Facility Executive.

The same principle applies to the use of new systems to track and manage energy use to achieve sustainable operations.

Data in Energy Management Unlocks Numerous Possibilities for Improvement

As explained by Robert Knight of FacilitiesNet, today’s buildings already employ networks to gather data, but the meaningful use of such data can be tricky. Data must be cleaned and analyzed, but the results can uncover value in the most insignificant of operations. Simply changing elevator maintenance or HVAC system operation schedules could amount to huge savings. Meanwhile, wireless technology allows Facilities Managers to retrofit more assets, collect more data, and achieve greater sustainability in all areas.

Tips for Implementing Sustainable Energy Practices in Your Facility

It always helps to have a few tips in order to enable sustainability in facilities management, which include the following:

  • Connect systems, and monitor energy use.
  • Conduct energy analyses, and share your findings with your team and community.
  • Benchmark energy performance, and get everyone involved.
  • Automate systems that use energy.
  • Enable alerts and notifications for deviations from expected energy use.
  • Support incentive-based programs, including those offered by governments and utility service providers, asserts com.
  • Retrofit facility lighting systems with energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures.
  • Take advantage of natural energy resources.
  • Increase awareness of energy use and conservation in your community.

More than anything else, making a difference in your community is eco-conscious and responsible, but it carries additional value. Community members are more likely to do business with companies that have implemented sustainable practices, so the opportunities for savings and productivity gains compound.

Let Energy Management Add Value to Your Organization Now

Identifying ways to add value to your organization can be difficult in today’s world. While capital planning results in tight facilities maintenance and management budget, gaining control over energy use and costs can resound throughout a facility and transform facilities management from a cost center to profit center. Facilities managers must understand the value added to an organization by using data for sustainability in energy management. Visit ENTOUCH online, or call 1-800-820-3511 today to set up your energy audit and add value to your company today.