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12 Tips to Boost Sustainability With ESG Management

Today’s organizations face increasing pressure to improve sustainability, and sustainability with ESG management consideration can propel a business forward. Corporate sustainability naturally follows the facility management model, notes FacilitiesNet. Unfortunately, there are many ways to achieve increased sustainability, and making the right decision may not necessarily be the same as making the fastest and easiest solution. Facilities managers should follow these tips to boost sustainability with ESG management without dramatically increasing investment costs for a facility.

1. Explore Established Smart Building Solutions Vendors

To make the most straightforward improvements and sustainable programs a success, organizations limited experience should explore available smart building solutions vendors first.

2. Take Advantage of Still-Functioning, Existing Assets

Next, facilities managers should take advantage of still-functioning, existing assets, working to ensure their existing maintenance is addressed as soon as possible, and eliminating the maintenance backlog.

3. Leverage Wireless Technology to Collect and Track Data

Speaking of maintenance, facilities managers should leverage wireless technology to track building assets, including non-material assets, such as building occupants and empty space. Space utilization, building occupant behaviors, and other factors can influence energy use and waste, so tracking everything will give rise to more informed decision making.

4. Let the “Cloud” Handle the Stress

With the rise of cloud-computing technologies, organizations can take advantage of countless resources that would be otherwise impractical, including analytics, internal and external benchmarking, artificial intelligence, remote management, and more.

5. Tap into the Value of Advanced Analytics

All organizations should leverage advanced analytics to improve sustainability with ESG management, including descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

6. Reduce Costs Associated with Reactive Maintenance

After gaining insights from analytics, facilities managers must rethink their maintenance strategies, transitioning to a proactive program that leverages data and knowledge to eliminate disruptions and increase asset life expectancy.

7. Measure Waste in Your Facilities

An effective ESG management strategy should also include a pathway for measuring waste in the facilities, including water waste, sewage, and solid waste, such as trash. These factors decrease the level of sustainability within an organization.

8. Encourage Sustainable Behaviors Among Building Occupants

It is not enough to implement sustainable systems. Facilities managers must think about the people-side of the equation, including those that do not work for the company itself. Yes, facilities managers must encourage sustainable behaviors among all building occupants, including tenants and consumers.

9. Be Transparent with ESG Data

The facility manager should also be transparent with ESG data, creating public-facing reports, and sharing information throughout the organization to promote sustainable practices.

10. Never Become Satisfied with the Status Quo

Continuous improvement is a critical aspect of sustainability with ESG management. Always measure everything. Also, make improvements based on metrics.

11. Emphasize the Rewards of Sustainability with ESG Management Too

There is so much negative perception that surrounds sustainability with ESG management, especially concerning governance data. However, ESG data can also open the door to countless rewards, including federal awards given the Department of Energy and those awarded by local organizations.

12. Train Team Members on the Use of Energy-Efficient Systems and Processes

Staff should understand how their actions translate into operational efficiency, says GreenBiz. If uncertain where to begin, consider reaching out to local colleges and technical schools with instructors that understand how to train team members on sustainable principles.

Drive Business Growth with Sustainability in ESG Management

Sustainability in ESG management is one of the most effective ways a business can improve profitability, avoid unnecessary costs, and drive growth in its consumer base. Facilities managers should follow the tips mentioned above to improve their sustainability initiatives and encourage environmentally conscious decision-making among all they interact with, including consumers, business to business partners, and even passersby. Contact ENTOUCH online to explore other ways to improve sustainability with ESG management now.