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Technologies Central to Facilities Management: More Than Cloud Services

Although cloud services make up a growing portion of modern facilities management, managers need an arsenal of other technologies central to facilities management.

Facilities managers tend to assume the cloud is the end-all technology to facilities management. However, technologies central to facilities management go much further than cloud-based systems, and your organization needs to understand how different technologies can improve overall facilities management objectives.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Enhance Technologies Central to Facilities Management Speed

Augmented and virtual reality are two technologies central to facilities management that are making a big splash in the industry. During repairs, augmented reality can help technicians identify and correct problems, and virtual reality can transform energy forecasting and predictive analytics modeling into advanced, 3D graphics for better risk management strategies. Essentially, pairing the virtual with real-world expands access to the digital facilities management landscape in ways previously impossible.


Additive Manufacturing Becomes a Tool in the Facilities Management Toolbox

Additive manufacturing, such as 3D printing, is also another revolutionary tool in the facilities management toolbox. Additive manufacturing can be used to print parts and components for facilities management assets on-demand.

For example, if an HVAC system needs a specialized plastic component, a 3D printer could be used to custom-make the component in real-time. This eliminates the costs associated with procuring the part, and if the facility is using augmented reality, the need to bring in an outside technician can also be eliminated.

Multi-Site Platforms and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) Enable Scalability

Even in-house systems must enable scalability, requiring interoperability with other systems.

For example, ENTOUCH.one is a fully scalable solution for facilities and energy management, and an internal CMMS can also be scalable to meet the needs of each business. However, the technology that sets these systems apart from cloud-based technology lies in ready-to-integrate coding. These integrated systems can automatically report an issue, send out technician, verify repair completion and complete payments to field service partners, explains Buildings.com.

Of course, the connection between systems may rely on cloud-based technology, but the systems have the capacity to continue functioning even if internet connectivity to a centralized location fails temporarily. Furthermore, smart sensors connected to these systems may contain analytics within the devices, continuing to aggregate and analyze data during power emergencies and other periods.

Drones Become More Than Just Inspectors, Performing Repairs and Cleaning Tasks Too

According to Steven Lambert of Facility Executive, drones are making a profound impact in facilities management too. Improved manual dexterity and greater self-sufficiency let drones tackle dangerous cleaning tasks or those involving hazardous materials. This same concept applies to the use of robotics in facilities management. Thus, facilities managers can reduce risk of injury to staff without compromising work requirements.

Wireless Protocols Reduce Risk in Facilities Management Cybersecurity

Wireless protocols are another technology transforming the face of facilities management. Wireless protocols can be leveraged to automatically identify and control access to your facility.

For example, employees with an all-access pass may have a chip-embedded name tag, which will automatically unlock doors to the facility and contain a wireless protocol-based password to access your system. Therefore, both cybersecurity and physical security risks decrease.

Facilities Management Technology Continues to Help Facilities Managers Work Smarter, Not Harder

Technology evolves more with each passing day, and facilities management technology is part of this trend. From better wireless protocols enhancing cybersecurity to the use of augmented reality in making repairs or performing maintenance, facilities management technology reduces risk for error and streamlines facilities management operations. See how facilities management technology can help your company by scheduling an energy evaluation with ENTOUCH today.