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The 4 Key Industries Improved by Smart & Intelligent Building Solutions

From healthcare to educational institutions and beyond, intelligent building solutions bring light and innovation to these top industries.

Intelligent building solutions have the power to revolutionize all industries, but the most prominent impacts will be among educational institutions, commercial real estate and office spaces, healthcare facilities and industrial facilities. However, knowing the difference between the key impacts of intelligent building solutions in these industries highlights how important smart building solutions are to today’s world, and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Intelligent Building Solutions Bring Energy-Efficiency Standards to the Next Generation

Educational facilities represent one of the greatest investments in America. Students need comfortable, relaxing environments that stimulate and are conducive to learning and self-betterment. Disruptions in the learning environment and inefficient facility management practices, like unscheduled maintenance, can be detrimental to the students. In addition, schools and institutions that have previously implemented intelligent building solutions are poised to improve educational opportunities for their students. This includes affording more financial resources to books and tuition.


Intelligent Building Solutions Benefit Office Space and Commercial Real Estate

Among office space in commercial real estate, the impact of intelligent building solutions is profound. Building owners reduce their average costs per square foot, and tenants using office space can reduce their overhead expenses. For businesses leasing spaces, this means providing products and services to end-users at lower rates, and or capital for wages. It is a win-win scenario. Also, smart building solutions promote socially responsible practices among tenants, reducing the environmental impact of poor energy choices, like leaving computers and other electronics running after hours.

Healthcare Improves Treatment Outcomes Through Intelligent Building Solutions

In healthcare, treatment outcomes are of utmost priority. In addition, continuous poor treatment outcomes among most of a facility’s patients can impact reimbursement rates from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and health insurance providers. In addition, smart building solutions can help prevent the growth of bacteria by keeping operating rooms cool and prevent the dissemination of pathogens by controlling and flows. Meanwhile, automated systems reduce risk of falls and improve patient recovery rates.


Industrial Spaces Cut Overhead and Focus on Meeting Consumers’ Demands

Industrial spaces, like factories, warehouses, or distribution centers, also benefit from intelligent building solutions. Smart devices and connected systems allow employees to get more work completed in less time. As a result, the costs to consumers decrease, and overall profitability increases. Furthermore, intelligent building solutions can prevent workplace injuries by improving safety and eliminating risks. Savings in industrial spaces also contribute to a healthier economy, more job opportunities and better standards of living for all socioeconomic classes.

Building Automation and Smart Building Solutions Will Redefine Standards Practices Across These Industries

Take a moment to consider the most important industries today. Healthcare, education, commercial real estate and office spaces and industrial buildings permeate life. Any unnecessary costs among these industries can cause a severe downturn in either the economy or public health, so it is in the best interest of facility managers in these industries to implement intelligent building solutions today. Contact ENTOUCH online to learn more about how your company can take advantage of intelligent building solutions.