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The Customer Experience Benefits of the Single Pane of Glass for Facility Management

The customer experience benefits of the single pane of glass are among the top priorities for modern business owners.

The customer experience is everything, and facilities management is the one department that can make or break customer experiences, regardless of how lucrative product and service price points appear. The customer experience (CX) benefits can be traced back to eliminating uncertainty in making informed decisions that help shape a positive customer experience. Due to the increased size of modern businesses, especially those with multi-site portfolios, the traditional management style is ineffective. However, Facilities Managers can turn to the single pane of glass approach to management, using a centralized platform to oversee all operations, to realize Customer Experience benefits.

The Single Pane of Glass Expands Self-Service Options for Customer Portals

The basic principle behind the single pane of glass is bringing all existing facility and company systems into one system. This includes systems that consumers may use outside of the physical location of your facility, such as customer portals, reports Craig Borowski of Software Advice. When a consumer logs in to the portal, the information about the consumers shopping habits, preferences, and expectations, can be gathered and analyzed to refine the in-store or in-facility experience. Combining the facilities management systems with consumer-facing systems has the net result of ensuring consumers needs are met, explains Service Channel.

Visibility and Compliance with Relevant Regulations Will Affect Consumer Experiences

The single pane of glass is also an excellent tool for ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations affecting an enterprise, including sustainability initiatives. While watchdog groups and social media continue to serve the purpose of sharing businesses that are engaging in sustainable practices, companies using a single pane of glass can immediately ensure all aspects of its operation are being performed in accordance with all relevant regulations and statutes. This information can also be cleansed to remove proprietary information and use to prove sustainable practices in action to consumer-facing groups.


The Single Pane of Glass Contributes Customer Experience Benefits by Making It Easy to Find Answers for Consumers

Another Customer Experience benefits from the single pane of glass derives from the ability to answer guest questions faster. When a consumer asks the company something, the company needs to be able to answer immediately. In the modern age, speed is essential to creating a positive consumer experience. When all systems are connected, anyone in the company can immediately find the information needed, and if they are unable to access it, for different reasons, they can direct the question in a timely manner and receive an appropriate answer without upsetting the consumer.

Analytics Allow You to Anticipate Consumer Concerns

While on the topic of upset consumers, analytics deployed in your facility can also be levied through the single pane of glass to anticipate consumer concerns or complaints. In a sense, this allows Facilities Managers to know what consumers want before they arrive. As a result, consumer happiness and satisfaction increases, which has the added benefit of increasing employee satisfaction, encouraging retention considering the forthcoming facilities management’s talent shortage as noted in another blog post.

Unlock the Customer Experience Benefits by Following the Single Pane of Glass Management Strategy

The customer experience is the end-all motive of effective facilities management, and the single pane of glass methodology to facilities management is crucial to maximizing and optimizing the customer experience. Bringing your systems and facilities to one system by partnering with ENTOUCH today. Visit ENTOUCH, or contact a representative at 1-800-820-3511 to start your facilities retrofit today