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The Guest Experience Empowers Executive and Facility Manager Collaboration

Executives and Facility Manager collaboration is an amazing benefit deriving from customer-focused operations.

The world of facilities management is evolving, and more companies are turning to ways to enhance guest experiences to drive business growth and ensure business continuity. While better guest experiences are the key to success in business, it has the added benefit of empowering C-suite and Facility Manager collaboration across commercial real estate providers and more,  in these keys ways, explains Marketing Week.

Executive and Facility Manager Collaboration Ensures Guest Needs Are Met

When executive-level leaders and Facilities Managers collaborate, guest needs are met with greater efficiency and passion. The preceding disconnect between Facilities Managers and members of the C-Suite can result in cuts to the budget and changes to basic facility layout. While these changes may look good for businesses’ profit margins, they can spell catastrophe for the guest experience. Facilities Managers may be more apt at understanding how changes in the budget or facility may affect guest experiences, reports Leaf Computers and Clouds, so when both C-Suite executives and Facility Managers collaborate and understand the need to focus the entire business process and strategy on guest experiences, they are more likely to identify potential risks and take advantage of opportunity in tandem.

Collaboration Reduces Risk in Making Budgeting Decisions

Better collaboration is also associated with decreased risk of making budgeting decisions. Facilities Managers that do not have the ears of C-Suite executives are more likely to see continued budget cuts in their departments. If the same Facilities Managers can bring executive-level leaders into the equation by explaining how changes to the budget impact customer experience, overall risk to the business decreases. Informed stakeholders are also more likely to support facilities management decisions and requests.

Collaboration Ensures Consistency in Guest Experiences

The best efforts to create a positive guest experience will be ignored if the experiences are not consistent. Consistency relies on collaboration between the C-Suite and Facility Managers. Also, not all facilities management processes and activities can be automated and digitized. Guests still expect a human touch and point of contact with an organization. More importantly, modern smart building solutions can dramatically enhance guest experiences, but they are not a substitute for guest experiences. This means that Facilities Managers and C-suite executives must maintain vigilance over existing facilities management activities to ensure maximum benefit to the guest.

Centralized Systems Align All Teams and Departments With Guest Expectations

Depending on the size of your organization, ensuring collaboration in constant communication between different departments may be difficult, if not impossible, through traditional channels. Facilities Managers can overcome this challenge by centralizing all facilities management controls into a single platform, the so-called “single pane of glass” approach to management

Focus on Guest Experiences to Bring Collaboration in Your Enterprise Now

It is common for Facilities Managers and members of the C-Suite to have different expectations for facilities management processes. Instead of diminishing brand value through the disconnect, Facilities Managers and executive-level leaders can work together by focusing more on guest experiences. A guest-centric approach to facilities management will continue to breed collaboration and growth in your enterprise. Contact ENTOUCH now to find out what your organization needs to do to bring harmony to the disconnect between the C-Suite and your facilities management department.