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The Internet of Things and Facilities Management


EnTouch participated in the annual Restaurant Facilities Management Association (RFMA) conference this past week in San Diego. The conference was a terrific event to reconnect with so many of EnTouch’s valued customers and to meet many new restaurateurs.

Traditionally, the RFMA conference is heavy on education and this year’s education sessions did not disappoint. This year’s buzz centered around the Internet of Things (IoT) which is a relatively new computing concept that describes a future where everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet and be able to identify themselves to other devices. In the case of RFMA and its membership, the focus is on a “connected” restaurant. The challenge facility managers face with a “connected” world or restaurant is how do they successful acquire, normalize and correlate the tremendous amount of data that is generated from as many relevant sources as possible. That challenge is even more apparent with a traditional energy management system (EMS) where facility managers consistently struggle to distill the fire hose of energy data effectively and present that targeted, actionable data in a meaningful way within the organization that drives efficiencies and bottom line savings.

How does the Internet of Things (IoT) apply to facilities management?

A facility manager’s ongoing struggle with effectively managing enormous amounts data would explain why the EnTouch booth was bustling with activity over the course of the three day event. Many facility managers from some of the largest restaurant chains in the U.S. stopped by our EnTouch booth eager to understand how EnTouch 360 takes that burden of managing data off a facility manager’s plate. For those who are not yet familiar, EnTouch 360 is a fully managed service that proactively distills that fire hose of energy data in a meaningful way that allows facility managers to can take action against the tremendous energy waste occurs across their distributed restaurant portfolio.

Enter Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS)

EnTouch has pioneered what industry experts are now referring to as Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS). EnTouch believes that our valued customers’ success is dependent not solely on our leading software but on a partnership that leverages our best-in-class hardware, our dedicated team of 24/7 energy experts and the rich, actionable data that consistently exceeds our customers operational goals on a daily basis. Our valued customers (ex. TGI Fridays, Corner Bakery, Chuck E Cheese, Pizza Hut, etc.) embrace our fully managed service and recognize a compelling return on investment (ROI). They find value in our best asset – our people who proactively engage, facilitate customer success and provide our customers with we call – “Total Facilities Intelligence”.

Energy management systems (EMS) offer unprecedented access to granular data that can be transformed into powerful knowledge. Without an integrated business analytics platform, though, EMS data will just add to information overload and escalating noise.

Using EMaaS, multi-site owners and operators are able to successfully quantify significant savings in the areas of energy usage, measurement and verification (M&V), reduction in HVAC maintenance, etc. Additionally, as a direct result of the savings our valued customers enjoy – they are able to correlate sustainability benefits as well which supports corporate sustainability initiatives.

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