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The Keys to Unlocking Digital-Driven Facilities Management

Digital-driven facilities management basics include the use of technology to achieve cost reductions, increase efficiency, and improve quality of facilities. Moreover, Facilities Managers around the globe are turning to technology to stretch their budgets and achieve real-world benefits. Facilities Managers need to understand the basic principles behind digital-driven facilities management, potential problems that could arise, and how to overcome them.

Where Do Facilities Managers Fall Short in Using Digital-Driven Facilities Systems?

Robust mobile technology represents a great improvement to the world of facilities management, Facilities Managers may not be using technology to its full potential. The use of mobile technology represents a significant aspect of the way service providers and facility professionals may be able to improve operations without significant, upfront investment.

Nearly everyone has a smart phone, and simply using a dedicated apparatus-based tool can allow for greater transparency in the facilities management department. In retail, this may translate into savings for purchasing handheld devices and wearables that will work with new energy management systems. Unfortunately, mobile technology is only a fraction of the ways in which Facilities Managers may not be fully using digital technologies.

Full-Scale Deployment of Technology Is Essential to a Digital-Driven Facilities Management Strategy

Facilities as a whole has a wealth of technologies available at their disposal. In addition to mobile technology, this includes the Internet of Things-connected sensors, which can be retrofitted to virtually any asset. However, certain assets may be incapable of handling additional energy use. As a result, Facilities Managers must begin the use of the digital-driven strategy by conducting a thorough energy assessment and audit of their facility and assets. Additionally, Facilities Managers should begin investigating automation, such as robots and drones, wherever possible, leverage information through data and analytics, and follow through on information, reports Slide Share.

How to Use a Digital-Driven Decision-Making Strategy for Effect Facilities Management

Modern facilities management can be a turnkey operation, especially when powered with digital technology. However, Facilities Managers can further enhance their digital strategies by following a few best practices, reports Sharon Prezzy of Facility Executive, which include the following:

  • Make small changes, like turning off lights earlier, outfitting toilets, retrofitting lighting systems with LEDs, and more.
  • Implement preventative maintenance (PM) programs.
  • Use analytics to review results from energy management strategies.
  • Reevaluate your energy management program.
  • Train team members appropriately, and implement new procedures as they become evident.
  • Stay in the know about new facilities management technologies, tactics, and best practices.

Leverage the Power of a Digital-Driven Facilities Management Strategy in Your Facility Now

A digital-driven facilities management strategy will reduce the workload of facilities management professionals and manage risk. Technology is evolving faster than ever, and Facilities Managers can use new technologies to develop a fact-based, effective facilities management strategy. Learn more about the benefits of using a digital-driven facilities management strategy by visiting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 today.