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The Smart Building Revolution: 6 2017 Predictions for IoT Powered Software in Building Management

Historically, more than 20 percent of construction costs went into HVAC systems and lighting. However, there has been a shift in the use of resources during construction for these resources. Today, approximately 75 percent of new construction processes revolve around HVAC and lighting, so with more attention and activity in these systems, making them last longer and operate more efficient are critical to seeing a positive return on investment from a building’s initial construction costs.

The ability to reduce costs and manage assets are exactly where smart building predictions come into play. Predictions give new and upcoming business owners, including those considering upgrading or building new structures, an opportunity to get ahead of the learning curve. These smart building predictions highlight how much emphasis is being placed on the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to reduce inefficiencies in energy consumption and improve the environments of people living, working or shopping in businesses and buildings around the globe. So, look at the top six smart building predictions to consider in 2017.


1. Smart Buildings Will Begin at Construction.

Per South Bay Construction, the biggest trends in construction for 2017 include deployment of smart building solutions. In other words, companies will seek to enhance building design and construction processes through technology, including integrating IoT throughout a building’s infrastructure.

2. Greater Focus on Global Energy Resources Will Increase Demand for Smart Building Systems.

More companies are recognizing the importance of sustainability worldwide. According to the Internet of Things Institute, more than 800 companies around the globe are actively working to reduce their carbon footprints. This process continues from manufacturing to delivering products or services to the end user.

3. Adaptable Lighting Will Reduce Strain and Improve Health of Consumers and Occupants.

Adaptable, otherwise known as tunable, lighting will be among the top smart building predictions that come to fruition in 2017. This type of lighting mimics natural sunlight and reduces eyestrain, much like the dim setting on your smartphone, reports, Andrew Grow of Facility Executive. Meanwhile, adaptive lighting can reduce energy demand when daylight is available, and during twilight or low-light times, adaptive lighting can transition to providing ultraviolet light. Unbelievably, ultraviolet light is essential to keeping the human body healthy, and it can help prevent depression and sadness. Ultimately, this leads to greater satisfaction among employees and customers in your facility.

4. Wireless Control Will Grow More Important Among Smart Building Systems.

Wireless control will be a hallmark of automated smart building predictions this year. Although multiple control points might seem ideal, it opens the door to error. So, a single control point with wireless access will help managers and owners make decisions remotely, increasing the responsiveness of the company and system simultaneously. This will lead to better use of dashboarding tools across smart building systems to ensure the appropriate people have the right information available at the right time.

5. Enhanced Audio-Visual Tools Will Be Used in Meeting Spaces.

Audio-visual (AV) tools contribute to productivity in your business. In retail, connecting with consumers through AV media on location can help you promote new products and ensure consumers complete purchases. Meanwhile, these tools can give your employees a sense of accountability and passion for your company.

6. Internet Security Systems Will Become a Center of Attention.

Internet security will grow in importance. Possible foreign hacking of domestic events will drive this trend, and new systems will be subject to more stringent security criteria.

The Big Picture.

These smart building predictions will grow stronger as more companies turn to IoT-connected HVAC and lighting systems before ground is even broken on new facilities. Do not wait for these trends to pass you by. Encourage decision-makers in your company to embrace smart building technologies now to gain a competitive advantage in both short and long-term scenarios.

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