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The Top 4 Ways to Attract the Next Generation of Facility Managers to Your Enterprise

As few as 1% of college students plan for a career in Facilities Management, explains a SlideShare infographic, but that does not mean your organization is left without options and future Facilities Management professionals. Facilities management is misunderstood, and students may not even be aware of what being a facility manager really entails. Your organization can attract the next generation of facility managers with these steps.

1. Make Your Organization Visible to the Next Generation of Facility Managers

Part of the problem with attracting the next generation of facility managers to your enterprise lies in poor visibility about the true definition of Facilities Management and lackluster presence in your community. Your organization should be visible to the upcoming generation. This means getting involved in the community, spreading awareness about Facilities Management, and even offering educational opportunities for students who may be interested in a Facilities Management career.

2. Leverage Facilities Management Statistics to Attract Talent

Facilities management is also on the cusp of a breakthrough when it comes to attracting the next generation of Facility Managers. As explained by FacilitiesNet, Facilities Managers are expected to see an increase in annual wages in 2018, and annual wages rose in 2017 as well. Career and financial stability make excellent talking points for attracting the new generation.

3. Use Technology to Make Your Organization Attractive

Technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, and an advanced computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), can be leveraged to gain interest in your organization’s work environment. The next generation may have misconceptions about Facilities Management being dirty or tiresome, but these technologies reveal a technology-driven side of the career, which helps in bridging the facilities talent gap, explains Marc Moschetto of Facility Executive.

4. Offer Paid Training and Educational Opportunities

Educational expenses have been a major concern of students in recent months, and students face uncertainty in their ability to secure loans and full-time positions after graduation. Your organization can attract new talent by offering paid training and tuition reimbursement or assistance programs to students who pledge to work for your company upon graduation.

Find, Hire, and Train the Right Talent for Your Facilities Management Team Today

Facilities managers are facing a crisis. The next generation of facility managers may be smaller than previously thought, and statistics show declining interest in Facilities Management among millennials. To safeguard your Facilities Management program against an uncertain future, begin making your organization attractive to the next generation of facility managers by following these steps.