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Top 3 Uses of IoT Tech in Hospitality Facilities Management

Approximately 76 percent of facility managers feel their current level of visibility and accountability into operations’ costs and processes is insufficient. Meanwhile, 34 percent of facility managers, including those in hospitality, have plans to incorporate and implement the Internet of Things (IoT) tech within their facilities. IoT tech in hospitality will drive sustainability forward and reduce costs. But, the uses of IoT tech go further than many realize, extending beyond cost reductions. In fact, consider how the IoT can improve your brand, employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Better Customer Service Through Connected Devices Increases Brand Awareness and Reputation

Reputation is everything in the hospitality industry. Consumers want what they want, when they want it and without hassle. This can range from being able to provide comfort, handle guest complaints and ensure clean, quality facilities. By using the IoT, hospitality facility managers can improve their facility’s level of customer service, using a data-driven approach to proactively manage the needs and possible issues among guests. As a result, public reputation increases, driving better profit margins.


The IoT-Creates an Activity-Based, Predictive, Adaptable and Flexible Work Schedule, Reducing Costs

Another way hospitality managers use IoT tech lies in creating and managing labor resources. Staff members that are comfortable tend to work faster and smarter. In fact, working in a comfortable environment has been shown to increase productivity by 25 percent, so hospitality workers, including housekeepers and maintenance staff, may benefit from IoT-based applications that keep rooms at an appropriate temperature during cleaning and maintenance. The key is using the system to turn on and shut off HVAC units in rooms shortly before workers enter vacant rooms. This will reduce energy use and encourage better productivity.

Real-Time Alerts in IoT Tech Reduce Complaints and Enable Better Visibility

Hospitality workers can go from being slow to exceptionally busy during peak check-in and check-out periods. Unfortunately, maintenance and upkeep processes during these times are left on the backburner, and often, problems may not become evident until it causes issues for guests. At this point, the facility loses money due to refunds to guests and possibly even losing future bookings due to the issues. However, IoT tech can be leveraged to create automated alerts of potential problems in real time, going further in developing predictive, preventative maintenance schedules that allude to a forthcoming problem before it matures into a guest-impacting issue.


Hospitality Facility Managers Need IoT Tech

The hospitality industry is growing, and guests are demanding lower rates. But, IoT tech has the potential to make managing multiple sites easier and more efficient. More importantly, better facility management in hospitality contributes to better booking rates and reviews online by guests. Ultimately, hospitality facilities management professionals can do more with less and provide a superior experience and facility for guests by using the power of the IoT in their facilities. Plus, the cost savings from better accountability and visibility in energy use can show returns for implementing IoT tech within two years.