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The Importance of Transparency-Based Metrics in Energy Management

Although Facilities Managers have access to numerous resources to increase transparency and understand how facility assets function in relation to their building, other industry assets, enterprise-wide goals. Informed Facilities Managers understand why transparency-based metrics in energy management, as well as facilities management, will set the stage for improvements in labor productivity, cost reductions, and more.

Data Lacks Value When Inaccessible or Lack Visibility

The value of modern facilities management platforms derives from the use of Big Data and intuitive decision-making tools. Unfortunately, Big Data insights are only as valuable as the data quality of incoming information and how the information can be leveraged in the facility, explains Charles Reid via LinkedIn. Unless Big Data and its insights are presented effectively, it has a way of getting in the way, reducing efficiency. The solution lies in transparency-based metrics, which are easy to understand and use in decision making.

Transparency-Based Metrics in Energy Management Reduce Facilities Spend

As explained by FacilitiesNet, Facilities Managers must use transparency-based metrics to effectively manage facilities spend. This is due to the ability to use data-based metrics to make informed decisions regarding maintenance needs, affecting available capital and maintaining quality facilities. Data-based decisions in energy management are essential to preventing data-confusion, and transparency-based metrics ensure collaboration and communication throughout your entire enterprise. For multi-site portfolios, this amounts to greater cost efficiency, and savings, as well as better use of available resources.

How to Create Transparency-Based Metrics

Creating transparency-based metrics means developing metrics that apply to your company and have significant benefits. Unfortunately, poor planning of metrics will result in inaccurate data quality and poor outcomes. As a result, Facilities Managers should follow these steps to create transparency-based metrics in energy management.

  • Get the Data!
  • Focus on Pain Points and Areas of Poor Visibility.
  • Include Facilities Spend on Reactive Versus Preventative Maintenance.
  • Track the Performance of Facility Assets.
  • Make Primary Metrics Visible; Enable Drill Down When Necessary.
  • Align Drivers of Metrics With Best Practices.
  • Automate Alerts, and Collaborate.
  • Track Team Member Satisfaction and Complaints.
  • Re-examine and revise Metrics Accordingly.

Put Transparency-Based Metrics to Work in Your Facility Now

Transparency-based metrics are a useful set of tools for enabling continuous improvement in facilities management and your organization. Instead of relying on data that lacks value, Facilities Managers should start working to create transparency-based metrics and use them to refine assets maintenance, achieve better productivity and see lasting results. Learn more about how your organization can take advantage of transparency-based management and metrics by visiting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3500 today.