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Using Big Data for Operations & Energy Management In Hospitality

From guest experiences to equipment monitoring, operations and energy management in hospitality benefits from Big Data.

Big Data represents a game-changing tool to improve the guest experience in hospitality facilities management. It can enable better tracking of customer complaints, reduce your monthly utility costs and extend the life expectancy of your equipment, asserts Ankur Thareja of LinkedIn. However, your company needs to know these three to make Big Data work for you in energy management in hospitality.

All Energy-Consuming Systems and Devices Need to Be Part of the Energy Management Strategy

It is important to distinguish the diverse sources of data. For example, the building management system may focus on water pumps, HVAC systems in public areas, refrigeration and lighting. Meanwhile, guest-room controls can manage HVAC, lighting and energy costs per room and the overall energy management system controls for per-site metering and trends. This is part of finding a building management system (BMS) that works for you, not against you, explains Cian Halton via Hotel News Now. But, the data from each of these systems lacks value when not analyzed.


Performance Metrics Derive Value from Analyzed Big Data in Energy Management in Hospitality

Big Data insights are built on the principle of using data from across the spectrum to derive real value. However, knowing an HVAC system is working X hours does little to inform the staff of a potential issue. Instead, the system must be able to identify the problem (it is working more than other units) and what may be going wrong. In this scenario, the unit is drawing too much power, and temperature sensors indicate that the temperature of the room is unchanging. As a result, the system can infer the HVAC unit in question is not properly cooling the area. But, an advanced smart building system can go much further, identifying the specific problems within the unit.

An EMS in Hospitality Must Engage and Empower the Staff

Managerial and operations staff can look at an EMS and see that something has gone wrong. But, the key to leveraging the EMS properly lies in using this information to provide direction on how to correct the issue.


For instance, smart building systems may provide detailed reports on the status of an HVAC or lighting unit, including a technical explanation of how to fix the problem. This can save big bucks when a technician is needed to repair the unit, and the system can provide a self-checking benefit too. In other words, the system’s connection to the IoT allows analytics systems to detect changes made by technicians, ensuring hospitality professionals have proof of what a technician did and did not do. This level of empowerment puts everyone on the same page. As a result, billing accuracy and accountability when making repairs increases, saving money.

How Else Can Big Data in Energy and Operations Management Help?

Other applications of Big Data in energy management in hospitality can include monitoring of employee performance and problematic behaviors.

For example, employees who routinely leave lights on after leaving a space or forget to close refrigerator doors properly can be costing the company thousands in wasted energy. By comparing the staff schedule and duty roster to energy usage and issues in different areas, operations managers can know which employees may require further training to reduce the problems. This same concept can be applied to guest complaints, identifying correlations between an uptick in complaints and equipment or staff.

Unlock Your Company’s Power to Save Money Through Applied Big Data Energy Management Now

The savings in hospitality through energy management and Big Data are only possible once your company deploys a site-wide, if not enterprise-wide, smart building system, like ENTOUCH.ONE. To truly see the greatest savings, outsource analytics services through smart building solutions, such as ENTOUCH.360. To learn more, contact ENTOUCH online today.