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Using Smart Building Technology Solutions: Smart & Secure? That Is the Question.

It can seem like connecting your retail equipment to the Internet of Things (IoT) leaves you with an ultimatum. Do you go ahead and connect, or do you favor security by keeping everything under one roof? While the latterr might seem like the best bet, modern, smart energy management systems (EMS) do not require you to pick between the two. Let’s take a closer look at what this means and how using smart building technology can meet both security and smart demands in your company for greater profitability.

Why Is Smart Building Technology  Essential for Profitable Energy Management?

Smart building technology aligns perfectly with security goals, reports Carl Weinschenk of Energy Manager Today. Modern connected devices, which already exist in private homes and national chains, adhere to stringent security demands. Therefore, people trust their closed-circuit home security systems to connect to the Internet, giving them access to live video monitoring from anywhere with internet access. However, how does this translate into smart building technology solutions for retail companies?

Smart building technology solutions connect actionable data to decision-makers and managerial staff. Meanwhile, truly smart systems can signal maintenance needs or possible issues before they arise in equipment in your business. Consequently, you can help protect your assets, a fundamental concept in security, by keeping overall energy consumption minimal.


What Powers This Connection Between Security and Smart Devices?

The cloud. The cloud is a fancy way of saying information is logged and stored on remote servers in data centers around the globe. Since both physical and virtual safeguards protect this information, it is likely more secure than the information stored on your computer.

There is another reason for pairing security with smart devices. The threat of cyber-attacks grows more each day. If the recent political turmoil is any indication, your in-house, unsecured data is already at risk. However, connecting existing systems can mitigate threats. According to the Control Systems Roadmap, adding cybersecurity to smart building toolset, particularly outsourced smart building technology solutions, is becoming standard practice across all economic sectors.

Capabilities through secure and smart building technology solutions include the ability to identify cyber-attacks or vulnerabilities in real-time automatically. Consequently, action can be taken to help minimize or eliminate the threat.

If you consider the sheer volume of security features that connect to the internet today, such as automated locks, the rationale of not wanting to connect due to security risk seems even further from reality.

The Big Picture.

In a sense, security relies on smart devices, but the savings can grow when paired with reducing operational costs, otherwise known as the cost of facilities management, with existing security controls. Since your security system is already leveraging the power of the IoT, why wouldn’t you implement smart building technology that increases the safety and efficiency of your existing systems? Smart building technology solutions that keep your company and products safe, secure and free from harm, including equipment malfunctions or failures, will define retail success and help you avoid bankruptcy and the negative criticism of others.

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