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Waste’s Ever-Rising Costs Due to Inefficient Restaurant Energy Management

Wastes are becoming major costs in restaurants due to inefficient restaurant energy management; EMS is the answer.

Restaurants operate in a fickle industry. The tastes of today may not necessarily reflect the tastes of tomorrow. As a result, every detail, from food buying to preparation techniques, must be carefully considered and monitored. However, energy management often falls by the wayside, contributing to an ever-increasing cost due to waste. But, efficient energy management can help restaurants overcome challenges too.

Proper Refrigeration Energy Management Prevents Spoilage

Let’s talk about food first. Food needs to be kept at cool temperatures to prevent spoilage, and since some recipes require marinades, your refrigerator needs to be able to cool items quickly, inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Therefore, it needs to be in tip-top shape, and EMS systems can help with predictive maintenance schedules. This will keep complaints and cases of food-borne illness from spreading.

Efficient Heat Flows Reduce HVAC Demand

HVAC systems in restaurants can account for more than 40 percent of energy costs, asserts the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). However, today’s energy-efficient systems should eliminate this dynamic. So, why is it not working? The answer lies in understanding energy-efficient systems rely on incoming air temperatures that are reasonably lower to reduce the unit’s workload. However, poor heat mapping and flows in kitchens can force systems into overdrive, consuming more energy than is necessary to effectively keep the facility cool.


Automated Lighting Keeps Energy Costs Lower

Another source of waste is lighting. Lights do not always need to be on. Vacancy lights might help with security, but they are major drains on energy costs. Moreover, not every room should be on all the time. Automated lighting, like motion-sensor activated systems, can effectively reduce their energy demand. Furthermore, lights should automatically turn off. This will eliminate costs due to “forgetfulness” at the end of a shift.


Better Energy Management May Lead to Greater Employee Productivity and Profits

Employees can be a source of waste in your facility. Everyone knows that one employee who likes to adjust the temperature on the thermostat. Advanced, smart energy management systems can lock-out unauthorized users from changing settings. While this might not seem like a major boost to your profit margins, a 2-degree change in temperature can lead to a 40-percent loss in HVAC system efficiency, explains ACHR News.

Take a Bite out of Soaring Costs With Effective Restaurant Energy Management

There are plenty of things to try and bite off when running a restaurant, but finding savings in your energy costs should not be among the difficult ones. With waste increasing costs, your company needs to invest in a restaurant energy management system now. {{cta(‘fc00abb8-b5c5-489f-805a-347ff0eed124’)}} to learn more.