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[Webinar] The Application of IoT for Better Retail Facilities Management

How do you gain more visibility into your preventative maintenance programs? What are you doing to reduce electricity during peak hours or the heat of the day? How can you save costs on energy while reducing the number of laborers needed to maintain your facilities? Take a look at the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Retail.

The questions represent some of the biggest concerns and drawbacks for retail companies operating today. However, data-driven energy efficiency through the integration of the IoT to create smarter buildings is the answer. This webinar will explore why commercial retailers are adopting smart building soltuions as a model for reducing overhead and improving energy efficiency. But, what makes this webinar so intriguing?



Click here to register for a webinar and interactive panel discussion featuring industry experts from Intel, Traverse Partners and Navigant Research on February 14, at 2:00 PM EST.




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Hear From Navigant’s Principal Analyst, Casey Talon

Casey Talon -Navigant.jpgCasey Talon, Principal Research Analyst at Navigant Research, spearheaded a recent survey sponsored by Entouch to assess industry demand for IoT platforms in retail. Per Navigant’s research, IoT-empowered devices will be responsible for contributing more than $1.3 billion to the economy by 2026, and the smart building revolution will multiply by more than 900-percent in the next seven years.


Other Industry Insiders Will Weigh in on The IoT in Retail Trend

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(From left to right):

The number of sophisticated sensors deployed, powered by the IoT will increase significantly as technology expands and accessibility becomes more affordable. As a result, the overall cost of implementing smart, energy-efficient facilities management programs will be less of an obstacle to small or medium-sized retail businesses.



Meanwhile, advancements in analytics and cloud-computing technology, are generating a new era of business improvement goals and capabilities, and this information will be leveraged more often as more companies turn to the IoT to uncover hidden potential.


Why Is Attendance to This Webinar Important?

Do you have a smartphone? Do you want your business to succeed? Your top competitors, companies like Walmart, Sears, Kohl’s, Nike and of course, Amazon, are charging forward with unsurpassed smart building solutions, giving them a bigger profit margin. Amazon is actively poaching your customers, act NOW!

This webinar will give you the facts and teach you how your organization can benefit from partnering with the right solution provider. Retail store owners, commercial real estate services, IoT vendors, contractors and automation industry stakeholders can benefit from attending this webinar.

Networking and the IoT in Retail are replacing all the traditional best practices in managing facilities and everyday operations. You owe it to yourself to see how and why the market demands smart retail establishments, connected, empowered companies, intelligent, adaptive buildings, and higher levels of operational efficiency, which culminate in a superior customer service experience.

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