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What Are the Biggest Innovations in Facility Management Technology?

Facilities management is experiencing an industrial revolution in the digital age. Digital technologies are changing the way facilities managers can respond to crises, monitor activities, perform maintenance and manage overall operations. While the development of the Internet may be considered the biggest factor affecting modern facilities management, it is important to remember what the biggest innovations in facility management technology have occurred in the last decade.

Cloud-Based Platforms Found the Biggest Innovations in Facility Management

The cloud is the primary innovation that introduced new technologies to facilities management. Cloud-based platforms enable broad scalability and allow small and medium-size businesses to take advantage of the newest and most advanced energy management systems (EMS) and building information management systems (BIMS). Otherwise known as software-as-a-service (SaaS), these platforms allow the access to vast amounts of information and analytics, thanks to their continuous updating powered by big data, making it easier to manage multisite portfolios and achieve greater results.

Sub-Load Energy Monitoring Via Sensors Provide Line-Item Data to Reduce Facilities Spend

Sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) are another great innovation in facilities management technology. They include radio frequency identification (RFID), Bluetooth technologies, and near field communications (NFC) tags that transmit information about a given unit or variable to a control system. By applying sensors to individual assets, facilities managers can gain an understanding of line-item data, and of how simple changes to everyday equipment, machinery or processes can have big results across the enterprise.


The Internet of Things Connects New and Old Systems to Drive Value

It is also possible to retrofit sensors in older, existing buildings and facility assets. Modern technologies and the cloud are built on an open architecture, allowing the integration and retrofitting of existing facilities and systems. As a result, facilities with equipment and machinery that has not yet reached its end of life can still be used, while taking advantage of the newest technologies and analytics.

Verifiable Results Reduce Risk

Even when something goes wrong, modern technologies can be used by facility teams to verify the work completed and to review equipment performance after repairs or replacements; this can have a big impact also on repair expenses. Furthermore, facility field service vendor or technician expenses can be managed to identify errors in billing and eliminate potential costs resulting from manufacturing defects.

Implement Facility Management Technology to Enhance Operations Now

Facilities management technology is continuously growing in scope and abilities. Facilities managers today need to implement these technologies to stay competitive. As more businesses look for ways to cut down costs and reduce facility spending, innovations in facility management technologies will become more important. Facilities management technologies are a key aspect of an effective facilities management strategy. Learn how your organization can take advantage of such facilities management technologies today, by contacting ENTOUCH online.