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What Is Facilities Management-as-a-Service?

The rise of cloud-computing technologies and facilities management platforms have created the perfect brew for the development of facilities management-as-a-service. Yet, the concept of outsourcing facility management can appear both challenging and costly at first. Before making the decision to invest in a facilities management-as-a-service provider or vendor, reports ResearchGate, facilities managers need to understand what defines facilities management-as-a-service, why it may be a better solution compared to in-house facilities management platforms and how it benefits an enterprise.

Defining Facilities Management-as-a-Service

Facilities management-as-a-service refers to a subscription-based system or managed services that control and oversee all facilities management activities in your organization. Furthermore, facilities management-as-a-service may include initial facilities management assessment, ongoing training and upgrading of services, analytics to measure performance and additional resources that decrease facilities management spend. Facilities management-as-a-service also eliminates uncertainty and lets an organization tap into the experience of a dedicated team of experts, data analysts, business consultants and field technicians to create the right facilities management strategy to achieve your business goals.

Why Would a Company Choose Facilities Management-as-a-Service Over In-House Operations?

An organization may have distinct reasons for choosing a facilities management-as-a-service provider over an in-house solution. These reasons may come down to cost or preference, but facilities management-as-a-service providers often have experience that far exceeds the combined experience of an in-house operation. Of course, the benefits of facilities management-as-a-service also play a role in the decision{{cta(‘510bb02e-0f54-4f85-9776-34a69ccf428f’,’justifycenter’)}}

The Benefits of Facilities Management-as-a-Service

Facilities management-as-a-service provides core benefits to an organization, which include the following:

  • It is faster to deploy and implement than developing, training and supporting an in-house solution. An outsourced solution helps facilities managers facing mounting tasks and responsibilities implement a facilities management strategy faster and more effectively.
  • It has fewer overhead costs than in-house systems. For example, facilities management-as-a-service eliminates the upfront costs of sensors, management of cybersecurity penetration testing, and the installation and management of analytics, reports Facility Executive.
  • Facilities management-as-a-service is a turnkey solution to reaching sustainability goals, reducing energy costs and improving performance. Facilities management-as-a-service requires less time to implement with fewer risks for delays than creating an in-house solution.
  • Outsourced services reduce risk by moving the burden of reporting, adherence to regulations and facilities management activities to a third party. Outsourced services manage performance measurement cohesively, using data to track and improve employee productivity and system performance simultaneously.
  • Visibility increases in tandem with data collection and analysis. Having more data to use in making decisions creates 360° visibility across an enterprise.

Take Control of Total Cost Ownership With Facilities Management-as-a-Service

For new and upcoming businesses, implementing an effective facilities management strategy can be difficult. You must hire the right personnel, implement the correct systems, maintain the facility, follow through on each task, measure performance and consistently repeat the process. However, your organization can streamline the process through a facilities management-as-a-service program, while reducing total cost ownership for your building, your systems and your maintenance needs at the same time. Find out more about facilities management-as-a-service by visiting ENTOUCH online now.