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What Should Facility Managers Monitor for Real-World Predictive Maintenance

The idea behind proactive maintenance is simple; fix things before they break and become an unnecessary expense. However, the path to predictive maintenance is not always clear. Facilities Managers need to understand the pitfalls of using data for real-world predictive maintenance, how predictive maintenance streamlines facilities management, and a few best practices for tracking the right information.

Data Management Is an Entirely New Beast

Facilities management is about keeping the facilities in excellent condition and ensuring every customer leaves with a smile of satisfaction. This ideal is far from reality, and although data can change everything, it represents a growing challenge in facilities management.

The smallest devices generate a ton of data, including information on runtime, battery temperature, efficiency and more. Also, today’s systems are reliant on one another. A fault in one system or process can have a cascading series of consequences that could potential impact the entire facility, especially concerning telecom services and activities, as explained by Accruent.

Real-World Predictive Maintenance Uses Data Analytics to Proactively Detect Problems Before They Occur

As explained by FacilitiesNet, condition monitoring is the premise behind predictive maintenance. Technicians can identify machine or component imbalances, misalignments, electrical issues, changes in function, loose fasteners, bolts, and mounts, and much more through vibration monitoring. Applied to facilities management, monitoring of systems can indicate changes in average temperature, changes in the air supply delta, fluctuations in heat flow, and impact on guest experiences. As a result, Facilities Managers can act on information to correct the issue, which may be as simple as tightening a bolt, before it leads to massive asset damage and disruption at the facility itself.

How to Track the Right Data and Metrics

Successful real-world predictive maintenance programs follow a series of gradual steps in implementation, including:

  1. Identifying current capital spend and investment costs.
  2. Retrofitting facilities with smart building solutions connected to a management platform.
  3. Integrating systems and IoT devices.
  4. Creating decision-flows for handling maintenance needs, like when to repair or replace an asset.
  5. Using analytics to monitor asset performance, including energy consumption, runtime, asset health, lubrication of moving parts and time since and until the last and next planned maintenance activities.
  6. Leveraging external resources, like software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms and managed or advisory services.
  7. Planning for proactive maintenance across an every growing maintenance backlog.
  8. Sharing “actional” data across the organization, including stakeholders, work groups and team members.
  9. Learn from past experiences, and refine data collection and analytics processes continuously. Since this is a complicated issue, machine learning is an integral step in refining the algorithms within analytics, freeing time for facilities managers to interact with team members and guests.

Following these steps will simplify the process of implementing a predictive and proactive maintenance program. More than anything else, the first savings will be realized through energy usage reductions and extended asset life. Also, this pairing of savings will have the indirect effect of better customer experiences, strengthening brand image and increasing profit margins.

Track the Right Metrics and Mining Actionable Data to Realize the Potential of Predictive and Proactive Maintenance

Facilities managers can track anything and everything, but that poses a problem. Tracking too much information leads to errors and weak data consistency. Instead of trying to do it all in-house, Facilities managers should consider working with a smart building solutions partner, like ENTOUCH, to handle the whole process from the facility condition assessment to ongoing data management. Find out if you’re monitoring the right parts of your facility by scheduling your facility condition and energy assessment with ENTOUCH. Get started by calling 1-800-820-3511 or completing the online contact form today.