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What’s My Energy Management System Really Saying?

Data collection through Internet of Things-enabled (IoT) sensors gives rise to a mountain of data in energy management. However, facilities management professionals may be uncertain as to what exactly constitutes data gathered from an energy management system. Rather than focusing on specific data types, the best way to review data collected and analyses is to consider how it impacts a facility.

Data from an energy management system can feel difficult to understand on day one, but ENTOUCH lends itself to realistic, actionable insights and information.

Real-Time Energy Consumption and Metering

Things happen. Energy availability may change, and during peak usage hours, a blackout or other issues could decimate a company’s profit margins and customer-business relationships. Real-time energy consumption and metering statistics give companies a 360° view into the actual expenditures on energy and facilities management at any time. Integrated systems can also be used to store energy from non-peak hours and can be ready upon demand.

For example, battery-like storage systems may retain energy for overnight use during peak usage and billing hours during the day. Therefore, sudden changes can be met with resistance and effortless reduction in energy consumption.


Identification of Areas That Can Reduce Costs

Data analysis and visualization with ENTOUCH.ONE is simple to understand. These platforms should provide clear, concise views into operations, reports FacilitiesNet. Too much data leads to confusion, and a lack of visibility into data results in unnecessary delays and risks, reports the U.S. Department of Energy. Companies can drill down into specific issues or metrics via dashboards. For example, high, unusual operating loads on an HVAC unit may indicate a maintenance issue, but through dashboarding of energy management, the system can proactively detect a potential issue before it occurs. Furthermore, connected systems enhance “predictive” preventative maintenance schedules, minimizing premature equipment failures.

Analytics-Based Ways to Eliminate Energy Waste

Analytics comb through the endless data streams to identify areas of high energy consumption and waste. As explained by Bhavesh Patel of Facility Executive, the IoT-connected system provides data, analysis and interaction with other systems. The result is a critical power monitoring and control capacity that can be leveraged to reduce waste by enhancing energy efficiency throughout the day. The energy management system is like putting existing power quality analytics systems on steroids, giving it a dramatic boost in its abilities.


Tracking of Proactive, Energy-Saving Measures

Another feature of a comprehensive system is the ability to track data and trends. Trends in energy management and consumption give companies an opportunity to review issues and improve operations, explains FacilitiesNet. Moreover, companies can effectively change operations to save energy, which results in cost savings as well. The ability to review changes and savings over time also further promotes the use of a comprehensive system.

Increased Visibility Ratings Throughout an Organization

Visibility is one of the top buzzwords in modern industries, and facilities management is no exception. When an energy management system is deployed, the visibility into a facilities’ operating costs improves. Additionally, increased visibility can help to reduce compliance issues and improve the public perception of the company’s actions. So, higher energy-efficiency ratings and actionable data from a system translates into an overall visibility rating for eco-conscious companies and those that need to reduce overhead.

The Big Picture

The data gleaned from an energy management system is not raw and unfiltered when it reaches your hands. Once processed by analytics systems, it boils down to real-time results and predictive insights into your operations. ENTOUCH provides a real-world ready energy management solution to boost energy efficiency and profit margins with 24/7 customer support and expert advisory services. {{cta(‘fc00abb8-b5c5-489f-805a-347ff0eed124’)}} to learn more.