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Why 2018 Is the Year Facilities Managers Embrace Proactive Facilities Management

Proactive facilities management will dominate decision-making for Facility Managers throughout 2018, spurred on further by continuing economic growth.

Facilities Managers that continue to focus on a reactive-based maintenance are stifling  growth in their enterprises. At the same time, the costs of sensors and devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) are decreasing, and software-as-a-service platforms and managed services are empowering small and mid-sized businesses to compete with the largest of organizations. Leveling the playing field is the biggest  driving force behind the push for more proactive facilities management, and it will dominate facilities management in 2018 for these key reasons.

Global Economic Growth Will Require Facilities Managers to Embrace Proactive Facilities Management As a Means of Achieving Greater Differentiation

The surge of the Internet of Things and new technology to improve facilities management has dramatically changed how organizations differentiate their products and services, as well as business models. Global economic growth is continuing to level the playing field between different organizations, and organizations looking for a way to stay competitive will need to differentiate their brand in significant ways fortunately, smart building solutions can help an organization differentiate its business practices from its competitors and attract more customers in a digital-driven world, says The Business Journals.


Sustainability Will Permeate Supply and Value Chains As Part of Building Design, Management, and Maintenance

Throughout 2018, a focus on sustainability will grow. Some Facility Managers expected sustainability practices to decrease as regulatory reform becomes the focus of Congress. However, demands from millennials and changing consumer mindsets demand organizations continue to implement and develop new sustainability practices. Failure to take these into consideration will result in poor business decisions and potential failure. Sustainability initiatives are expected to permeate the supply and value chains that provide supplies and services to Facilities Managers. This will also be seen as facility service providers and technicians implement additional sustainable practices, such as bundling preventative maintenance work orders to keep up with demand.

Continuing Outsourcing of Facilities Management Revenue in Europe Will Push the US Facilities Managers to Focus on Integrated Systems to Improve Occupant Health and Well-Being

Facilities management outsourcing is among the leading practices in Europe, and while this approach has generated a significant savings and profitability for organizations in Europe, it is having an unexpected impact on other facilities management programs around the globe. The continued outsourcing of facilities management abroad is pushing US Facilities Managers to focus more on integrated systems. This is really just a way of keeping up with the technology and changing views of facilities management experts, big data insights and advancements in algorithms that power analytics.

Manufacturers Are Defining New Preventative Maintenance Requirements for Equipment Warranties and Guarantees of Service

Changing manufacturer requirements for validating warranties are evolving as well. The days of a quick, simple installation of necessary systems, such as the HVAC unit, are over. Modern manufacturers expect preventative maintenance and sensor-driven systems to maximize equipment performance and extend useful life expectancy. Failure to implement such systems may result in the warranty or guarantee of service being voided.

Embrace Proactive Facilities Management Now

Proactive facilities management is one of the most effective ways to save money and increase efficiency in your department. In 2018 we will see more Facilities Managers turn away from traditional, reactive maintenance in facilities management to proactive facilities management and maintenance. Stop wasting time trying to put out the fires of reactive maintenance, and partner with ENTOUCH to retrofit your facilities now. Contact ENTOUCH online, or give us a call at 1-800-820-3511.