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Why a Handyman Program Is a Vital Arrow in the Facility Managers’ Quiver

Take a moment to think about the existing maintenance needs of your facility. Paint may chip, plumbing leaks may occur and lights may go out. While these may seem like minor issues, do you really want your managers standing atop a ladder? Can you afford the added costs if an injury occurs? What happens if the repair is made incorrectly? Your business could be facing thousands of risks by choosing to continue maintenance in-house, but a handyman program, offered by a facilities management services provider, could be the solution.

A Bundled Handyman Program and Services Enable Budget Flexibility

New and upcoming businesses often face the difficult decision between putting minor maintenance tasks off and meeting today’s profit margins. While deferred maintenance will inevitably cost much more than a minor repair, non-emergent tasks can be delegated and are scheduled as part of a bundled handyman program. As a result, your business experiences fewer service calls and still addresses maintenance needs before they become major cost centers and part of the Maintenance backlog, which is good for small and mid-sized businesses, budget management.

It Focuses on Prioritizing Maintenance Needs

No one wants to think about the long-term costs of deferred maintenance, but there is a slight workaround. Prioritizing the maintenance issues that are most likely to impact your business is key, and central to a bundled handyman program. This benefit allows business owners to gain control over facilities and maintenance needs without the added expense of unnecessary, repeat service calls.

Scheduled Maintenance Cuts the “What If” Side of the Budget

What happens if your business catches fire, what happens if a light bursts or what would you do if that flickering light suddenly shatters? Unless you want to risk the potential setbacks and financial consequences of an injured employee, you need to call a technician. However, which technician is the cheapest, and what about payment? Will the technician be available?

These questions reflect the “what if” side of business budgeting. In other words, things happen that are unexpected, and addressing these issues without an extra cost is one of the top benefits of a bundled handyman program. A bundled handyman program has a set price, so minor service calls will not incur a charge.

Take Advantage of a Bundled Handyman Program to Improve Your Facilities Management Budget and Goals Now

Outsourced facilities management services, like bundled handyman programs, offer maintenance program savings, quality service and streamlined processes to effectively reduce the burden of maintenance. This also helps to save time for your business’ staff, letting them get back to work servicing customers, managing employees and improving your organization’s profitability. Meanwhile, scheduled, preventative maintenance can help save up to 40 percent on total cost ownership. Instead of opening the door to risk in your business, let the experts handle it by participating in a bundled handyman program today. 


Editor’s Note: Today’s guest blog is from national facilities management company, QSI Facilities.