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Work Validation in Facilities Management: How Do I Know What Work My Vendor Did in the Field?

Knowing what was and was not completed in the field by vendors is a major pain point among facilities management professionals. People who lack the education and experience necessary to internally diagnose and repair equipment may not understand if a vendor performed work as expected. However, IoT-based facilities management systems, essential to smart building automation, eliminate the concern over honesty. In other words, the system provides a means of verifying what work was completed and its impact on facilities management overall. In fact, partnering with a third-party facilities management company increases visibility into field work in these key ways.

Considers All Factors, Creating a Complete View of Facilities Management Operations

The initial evaluation of systems gives partnering businesses a comprehensive view into their equipment’s function, age and previous repairs or maintenance actions. This is only possible by considering all the factors that impact facilities management as well. In other words, the evaluation of systems looks at what is being used by businesses and how the system is responding.

For example, a malfunctioning heating unit might be hidden behind other system operations. However, the malfunctioning unit continues to waste energy resources as it may not be connected properly. As explained by Clint Hudson, Director of Account Management at EnTouch Controls, the natural gas to a specific unit might be turned off, so while the unit is operating, using electricity to function, it is not producing heat. Consequently, the energy bills go up and the burden of additional work is placed on other units.


Installation Reports Includes Install Deficiencies and Photos

An old saying holds true in evaluation of systems when considering a third-party facilities management company“The proof is in the pudding.” To ensure visibility and accountability during the evaluation of systems, photos are taken of all areas and key issues preventing maximum energy efficiency. Thus, business owners can see what previous vendors may have missed, and during installation and implementation, these issues can be corrected. Furthermore, this information is compiled in the installation report, which remains available via a system app, giving partnering business a “bird’s eye view” into their facilities management operations.

Partnering With a Facilities Management Provider Sees a Site Through to Completion

Another aspect of implementation is seeing a site through to completion. In other words, the vendor begins installation and continues work until all issues are corrected and connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) through sensors and appropriate networks. Moreover, third-party vendors of IoT-based facilities management systems have a personal stake in improving your operation.

It Puts Analytics Work in the Hands of Experts Giving Results to Your Business

Gathering information is great, but customer service agents of a provider take care of detailed oriented work, including analysis, taking calls and effectively managing facilities remotely through IoT-enabled devices, explains John Bailey, Director of Field Operations. If an issue requires on-site action, the provider will suggest a dispatch and then work with that technician to resolve issues on site, allowing the business to stay operational while repairs or corrections are made.

Continuous Improvement and Connection Prevents Missteps in the Future

Connected systems automatically capture data around the clock. Moreover, partnering with a smart facilities management company allows to both see the actual changes and improvement made visually and verify its function through data analytics afterward.

Improve Visibility and Accountability Into Vendor Actions Now

Your business needs eyes on what your vendors are and are not doing to improve your facilities management operations and strategies. By implementing an IoT-enabled, automated system now, you can get real-time insight and proof into what will help reduce your company’s energy costs and improve accountability now.